Calling Station

  • A calling station, or "station" is a sometimes derrogatively used term to describe a player that is calling way too much in certain spots.
    It is common knowledge that you cannot bluff effectively against a player that is calling way too often. Instead you should valuebet more, as thinner valuebets rise in value.

    Another term for such a player is a payoff-wizard, meaning a player that magically makes calls where the player thought there was not any room to valuebet with their hand.

    It is common between players to berate each other as "stations" when the bluff-catching tends to get out of hand.


    "I just lost another big pot. I knew he had it, but I still could not fold. The pot was so big. I am such a station!"

    "You are such a payoff-wizard, you have to learn to fold once in a while!"

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