• A board texture that allows for a lot of draws. Made hands want to protect, draws want to build the pot too. These boards entice with a lot of action.
    The wetter the board, the more draws are possible, the more dynamic it is to the nut value shifting a lot.

    The wetness or dryness of a board texture is important when considering a betting and checking strategy.


    :Kss :Qss :9cc It is not getting much wetter than this, a ton of flush and/or straight-draws, two pairs, sets make this an absolute action flop in most positions, where the run-out dynamically changes the nut value part.

    :Tss :8hh :5ss A very wet board, lots of draws, especially straight draws, but also overcard draws. This board is dynamic towards overcards and nut-draws. Holding a pure bluffcatcher here is not a fun spot to be in knowing that the turn will most likely shake things up!

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