Cash Game

  • A real money poker game where players are allowed to rebuy or add-on chips when their stack drops under the maximum allowed buy-in amount of the table until they reach that amount again.
    Cash game is the other major game type next to tournament style poker games.

    In a tournament every player gets a certain starting stack of chips and the goal of the game is to eliminate all other players by winning all the chips in play. In the end one player will have all the chips, due to all players being restricted to a limited amount of options to rebuy or addon chips, with most tournament formats not allowing any rebuy or addon whatsoever.

    A cash game is different in as that players are allowed to addon or rebuy at any moment for the next dealt hand until the maximum buyin amount is equal to their stacksize again.
    Also the blinds are constant in size, so stacksizes are always quite deep and the goal is to win as many chips as possible.

    Due to the stacksizes and constant small blinds a cashgame experience a lot more deep stack postflop play and lacks a shove or fold style play that tournaments tend to get toward in the later phases due to rising blind levels.

    That is the reason cash-game players are considered to have a higher quality postflop game due to the nature of cash-games.

    Cash game formats include headsup, sixmax or shorthanded and full ring games seating up to ten players.

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