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  • funplay wrote:

    I think thats not fair
    The reason they want you to play first is that they are paying a (sometimes huge) fee in accepting your deposit. If they let people just deposit and withdraw they would go bankrupt fairly quickly.

    But you can always try to talk to support, if you pester them enough they might get around helping you.

    Just playing a bit might be faster though.
  • uff those are the stated terms from ACR and BCP regarding bonuses, we cannot change the bonus terms for you. However I try to ask our supporter whether he can do anything for you @funplay. indeed, ACR + BCP belong together.
  • refused cashout bcp


    hi pm-team,

    i have an issue with bcp regarding cash out.

    it started with me making a deposit assuming to receive a deposit bonus, what turned out as wrong. I didnt read the word 'initial' in the second row of the banner, which means the bonus is only for frist deposits

    And tbh, i felt a bit trapped bc of this banner not clearly pointing out the bonus is exclusively for first deposits, just with the tiny lettered word 'initial'.

    However I had a unsuccessful conversation with the support (funnily i received some answers from americas cardroom support whereas i have only an acount with bcp) I played a bit with the money, but they want me to rake 10% of the deposit before cashing out the money.

    I think thats not fair and maybe pokermarket can give some help with this issue, although my hope isnt that big here. But just in case, u know.

    thx in advance