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  • Flop bet std. Turn i agree we have a value bet again, some flushes are raising flop, some turn, some doesn't raise, but he has enough Ax hands that call twice + some pair/draw and nfd stuff. Sizing wise i think we should bet turn a lot bigger. River he will have some 2pair and few flushes, now it depends if you think he is calling his strong aces against another bet. If you think he does so, there is no reason to bet that small, you will have a clear value bet. Bet/fold is standard of course, i …

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    Pre & flop std. Turn is already a fold. There's no point for thinking he will bluff that much on such a runout, imo. River just check, you will win sometimes against AQ, maybe AT and you should have some QJs, JTs type stuff to bluff with.

  • Pre flop std. Flop might bet, might check. Bet is okay. Turn definitely check , yes. Raising might get called by few worse things imo, maybe combo fd, some nut fd and very few 98s type hands. On the other hand they might have all sets, some 2pairs, few straights, so i don't think we can jam here for value. Just calling and hope they won't bluff enough on the river is actually a pretty good line.

  • I can't see any reason to not raise here!?

  • Pre & flop std. Turn i would bet most of the time with this combo, maybe 20% check make sense. River explo i would bluff such a combo all the time, instead of few combos QJs, QTs, JTs, as they are blocking KQs, KJs, KTs type stuff, not a huge think but definitely something we can start with.

  • Yes, you try to figure out how much he calls with overpair type stuff. I think 2/3 is okayish, bigger might be too thin.

  • Flop cbet is good against a weaker guy. Turn - same. River is just a bet/fold. I assume he will call more weaker hands than he would value bet, so quite easy b/f. XC is actually pretty bad, because villain should be betting all his flushes and then maybe few sets (3 or less/not raised before), prolly some 2pair, but still low amount and for smaller size.

  • Flop is whatever, i would check most of the time, but bet is fine. Turn betting again is ok, you should still have value against Qx, 87, 76, 65, 46s stuff. Once he raises i already feel really bad. What type of bluffs you put in his range to call? I would actually fold, because ppl usually can't bluff properly on such a board texture. If you expect some raise turn/xb river type of lines from him - then call is ok, but if hes unknown i don't think we can play well oop, so just a fold i guess. Riv…

  • Which bluffs? I see bluffs like T9s, KJ, JT type stuff, what else, maybe 43s, 53s. So yes, he will have hard times finding enough bluffs to cover x amount of trips combos. He will have tons of 2x, that's why i think he is underbluffing. You should be raising like crazy OTF with so random hands to have enough bluffs and i think ppl are way more likely to raise 2x and not enough bluffs, instead of raising bluffs only and slowplay 2x.

  • Flop bet is fine, call is ok. Raise would be too thin i guess, as there shouldn't be that much Qx and pocket pairs for raise/calling. Turn call, what else, he might give up bluff on the river sometimes, raising stands the same as on the flop. River is just a guessing game. GTOwise we should definitely call down KK, but i would fold it, assuming we are not seeing enough amount of bluffs here and he also might have way too many 2x in his range.

  • Flop check sometimes or always bet is whatever, i would cbet it most of the time. Turn vbet - sure. Maybe slightly bigger size, but it's ok. Against a min-raise i don't think we can jam, unless he's crazy fishy, but even then i don't think KQ plays that way. River easy fold.

  • Flop either calling and raising are fine, i think calling is standard. Turn i don't expect ppl necessarily to call enough, since they should have tons of pocket pairs for calling the flop, but that's not definitely true for unknown player. Unless you are sure he's overfolding, then bet doesn't make sense, because if we check, then our hand is just playing way better + we will not face a bet that often imo, as Qx almost always checks back and many more hands, except sets and flushes, maybe severa…

  • Being deep you would like to have more of a depolarized type of range, which can hit different types of boards and not AK/QQ+ because you are really exploitable with bigger SPR with such a range. So AKo doesn't necessary stand in such a range, as we will have enough power on high types of boards.

  • Pre is whatever. Flop raise is like wtf!? Easy call. I see your point you rarely facing reraise, but still it can't be a raise for value, since there are 2 more streets to play. Turn i don't know, i wouldn't bet for value again. He will have 1-2 straights, all sets, few 2pairs, AA and then you get value from KQ - yeah, but im not sure he has to call all KQ combos (even if he has all of them for pre flop). Clearly can't be a value bet imo.

  • I like flop call, he will not fold a lot of hands, also have tough times barelling against weaker player, because of low fold equity. But it's fine sometimes. Turn i agree with poopy, leading might be way better vs random weaker player. River don't overbet, he will call tons of pairs vs non-overbet size. As played easy fold.

  • Flop is good. Turn doesn't really make sense to overbet, but it's fine i guess. His raise is actually not small, given the fact we do overbet. I really like the small raise, cause he might have some ATfd, KQfd or some type of this weird stuff. If he will not have those - just calling will be way better, as we pick up a river bluff really often, also we have easy jam on pretty much every single river.

  • Fish has more straights than any reg. Why would you shove it against the fish and not against the reg? Few more potential 2pair are also possible, of course, but i would guess no bluffs. I would call turn and evaluate river. As played just fold, no worse hands jamming usually, not many bluffs possible.

  • Pre & flop good. Turn i don't think we can bet, there aren't many if any hands that fold now to a normal bet. Checking is good and might be better because he should be checking quite often with Tx, AJ, AQ, some Kx. Against a bet, well it depends, we can't call vs big bet, we might call vs a small one.

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    Quote from motiejus: “To be honest, there are some people that seem reggish, but are using a limp SB strategy - i tend to think they are weaker, but not TOO bad ” I use to limp too, but i think those who are using it properly are the better ones (not me).

  • 3x, 4x has a bit better equity realization than 77, but has lower equity, as you have a bit more outs to quite a strong hand, i can't really tell you which one is better, as 77 obviously has more equity when called. I would bet all of them.