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  • Quote from yeah.rocketscience: “mach imo wenig sinn hier am flop zu raisen, wir raisen doch hier auch kein set, und du nimmst Villian die Möglichkeit quatsch zu machen. beste Line ist imo call Flop check behind Turn fold River vs das Betsizing. ” Das hat nichts mit Meinung zu tun, es ist Fakt dass viele Overcards und ein paar Backdoors in Villains Range liegen. Logischerweise macht es Sinn, hier so weake Pairs wie 99 klein zu raisen. Ob es mehr EV hat als ein Call ist die einzige Frage, und die …

  • Würde Flop klein raisen, weil sehr viele Overcards kommen können die in Villains Highcard Range liegen, und ein Draw kann auch kommen das Villain weiter ballern kann. Zum Broken ist 99 zwar zu weak, aber das macht nichts, dann foldest du halt gegen einen Re-Raise. As played würd ich den Turn klein betten, im Prinzip aus demselben Grund warum ich den Flop klein raisen würde.

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    Wenn nur AJ+ callt ohne zu overfolden ist AJ keine korrekte Valuebet.

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    Dieses KJ hat fast denselben EV wie AJ, solange Villain nicht (inkorrekt) AJ durchballert. In dem Fall kannst dus downcallen.

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    Finde die Betsizes auf der Textur nicht max EV. Würde Flop potten und diesen drawlastigen Turn Overbet jammen.

  • Gegen eine reine 3bet Range ist shippen schon sehr dünn (ohne Reads imo auf jeden Fall zu dünn). Gegen eine Squeeze Range ist es Moneyburning.

  • There's a very big problem with what you're saying. If you're afraid that villain is exploiting you on the river by bluffing so often that you're not only folding QQ incorrectly but also losing so much SDV that betting becomes more profitable then that means villain must be bluffing way more than he should (I can't say with certainty, but probably several combos too much). But if that was true then betting the river yourself makes no sense because you could just as well make a herocall for a lot…

  • We win against all of these hands at the showdown. Do you think that on average villain will bluff a lot more than he should and you'll fold QQ every time regardless of that? That doesn't make sense because if you think villain will bluff so often that he'll bring the EV of checking QQ to below betting it then you should call this hand every single time because you still have many worse hands in your range that you can fold. So my point is that you can't argue both ways: 1) I believe people are …

  • Not sure why this is such a long back and forth debate. Villain can have a few combos from A5s-A3s, 87s-54s, perhaps AQs-AJs, and even some JJ or ATs.

  • As played imo just jamming it in should be best because QQ could be overplaying and some people do weird stuff with ATs, JTs or even worse hands. There's dead money in the pot so you don't need to be an EQ favorite.

  • Sehe außer 3x 87s keine Bluffs und nur sehr wenige AQ Kombos können vielleicht (nicht sicher) valuebetten. Und 87s callt auch nicht unbedingt den Turn, kommt auf Villain an. Im Gegenzug seh ich einige Flushes und 55 so spielen. Also x/f AK mit nem Spade würd ich callen.

  • Finde den Flop Raise nicht gut, da du imo gegen nen Jam folden musst. Ab KK+ würd ich nen Raise auspacken.

  • Against so much action you should have a very tight range when you get to the river, so you can easily defend enough with just flushes and FH. There's no need to make a herocall with this hand, in fact I believe you are overdefending if you call this down.

  • Easy Calldown, bist im oberen Bereich deiner Range. In dem Spot mit so vielen Draws solltest du auf jeden Fall A9+ downcallen, ich persönlich calle TP+

  • The reason I would just click it back is because you need draws to call, otherwise I'm pretty sure you're isolating yourself too much. I don't recommend having a calling range at all, so this is the best simplified strategy I can come up with.

  • I'd min-3bet on the flop. It keeps hands like 87cc and nut FD's in villains range, perhaps even some completely dominated FD's. I think you can also add some FD+GS and nut FD's, but I wouldn't go overboard with these hands.

  • Yeah you can't fold this, villain can have hands like AJ, QQ oder even KK. I've seen such lines from these hands at the small/micro stakes.

  • Und am River nur Quads callen, bei dem Sizing kann Villain keine Hand profitabel bluffen.

  • Which constellations do you want to know about? But before you ask, if you're interested in specifics I think you should rather find a coach or buy a course, because selectively collecting this kind of information from different people won't help your game very much (can even hurt it) because different people will tell you different things.

  • A bit more or less than 5% is about right.