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  • 4BP. BBvSB Spot

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    a) yes b) yes, very hard to find bluffs here in xc|xx|b line for him

  • 4BP. BBvSB Spot

    chief - - EN - Strategy & Hand Discussion


    SB range should be KK-99, Ax, tiny bit AA. I dont think he should be checking too much. You are clearly ahead against that range, why dont you see a value bet? I dont like checkback flop, because you are never ahead anymore if you dont hit. If you bet flop, he jams, easy call. If you bet flop, he calls, easy turn and river play. You will only get a problem if he donk jams the turn, which will never happen on this board.

  • 4BP. BBvSB Spot

    chief - - EN - Strategy & Hand Discussion


    Please go ahead and check your equity against any hand of his range on the flop and on the turn.

  • Looks like a jam to me yes. Even more in practice, as people usually jam all flushes on the river, not mixing with xc. So his range contains only a few better Kx, some KQ, some weaker Kx, AA-TT bluffcatchers and give ups.

  • Pre is good. As mentioned, can be anything at this point. I wouldnt raise flop, but I guess it's not wrong. Not many good turns for AJ and not an easy bet/get it in if he reraises. Turn just call, jam is too loose for sure. Mmh river is just a fold, what were your thoughts?

  • 71% EQ is too much. Very sure it's equity vs river range, not vs river call. If you check the river, it's the easiest xf in the world in practice, not even close.

  • Turn x/jam possible. I dont think you can jam river, post a range and we can work on it. Once checked it should be very easy xf. I dont see a single bluff combo without a pair.

  • No dont fold turn. 98, 54, A3hh type hands possible for sure. River depends on opponent/site. I think most people dont bluff a lot on paired river. Very few nuts possible on the other hand. My personal advice is always that folding all of these spots on the river will always win you more money on micro/small and midstakes than being a herocaller.

  • Quote from chitz: “Preflop, always wondering about this myself what our calling range should look like, imo 95s seems a bit too weak, but given the odds it cant be too bad to call right? Flop, same here, where do we draw the line? I don't think 5x has any SDV, so we are just hoping to hit our weak Backdoors or another 5. Even a 9 isn't a good out. Turn I don't think we want a wide raising range here, since we don't have sets, no AK and not too much straights, 95s seems too weak, also I don't lik…

  • Pre is fine to call when BB is fish. Nothing I do too often but it's exactly the hand strength for doing it when you have a BB behind that calls a lot. You can only fold the turn if you think he has just zero bluffs. But I dont think that's the case here. Every flush draw, Qx, Tx possible, even weaker hands for value. I'd call. River is an easy fold.

  • It's close yes. But should be around 50%. Your range looks okay. AQ/AJ are always around indifferent in those spots. BU has to call some of them but not all, same with pp's (99-66).

  • Fold preflop, or 4b. As played, turn is a call in theory. But SB should barrel KT, JT, QJ type hands sometimes. People usually dont do that, so fold is good.

  • Quote from chitz: “if SB didnt cold call the 3b then JJ is an easy 4b and call vs jam, it gets much closer vs those tight NL10 3b and 5b ranges. ” You 4b/call JJ MP vs BU? That's too loose for sure. Anyway, I like 4b if these guys are not too tight.

  • I dont think that's true, QQ and JJ are still just stronger hands than AT.

  • Turn check is standard. But you can barrel, it's a value bet. You can bet the river or xc. I'd bet myself if the 4 wasnt in diamonds. Never xf, that's too weak.

  • I mean the hand is played fine for sure. But turn is just thinner than you expected it to be, because it's MPvBB (I'd almost always 2barrel BUvBB). Regarding flop: Axx boards with two low cards very rarely have a cbet freq >60%.

  • It's not even close. What's your plan for the river with 75hh? I dont think KQhh should call the flop. But when you get there, of course that is a better hand to call the turn with (but still close).

  • It's not a high barrel turn for MP at all. Overbet is still used for sure, but AQ at least, maybe only AK+. And yeah I expect AJ to be barely ahead when called.

  • Bluffcatching makes more sense then of course. Fold vs most guys, fold for sure on stars, call maybe more on micro anonymous.

  • You cant call a 7-high fd oop against an overbet on the turn, thats too loose.