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  • Put in application. I prefer MTTs, but will do whatever asked of me. Being accepted would be an absolute dream come true. I'm willing to do absolutely ANYTHING I need to do to get my game where I know it can be. Thanks so much!

  • oh wow I really like that idea. Never thought about it that way. Any suggestions for who to talk to about joining a stable?

  • Hi all, Check out the link:!/…ob.bell1127/trust-builder Looking to sell 20% of the $7k GTD rebuy on Global tonight. Its only $0.42/share. I'm hoping this will serve as the start of a great future here with Poker Market. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments if I made any mistakes going about this or setting it up. Thanks so much. (Currently chip leader with 9 ppl left in a small mtt on Global.)

  • Thank you, sir!

  • Ok, I'm going to try and make this short and sweet. I am looking for a mentor. MTT's exclusively. I need someone to either ghost a tourney or go through a tourney hh and give me an idea of where my game is and we can go from there. I don't have a lot of money to invest at the moment because I have a family and ton of bills. My current bankroll on Global is $300. I will also play betonline if needed. I have a HUD that I invested in but cant use on Global. I have $100-150 that i can spare via payp…

  • Thanks! Lookig into it now

  • Hi all, I'm embarrassed to admit it, but my knowledge and grasp of ranges is the worst part of my game. I'm looking for a good range analysis software. I will be putting in a ton of time in the coming days studying and improving the range aspect of my game. Any suggestions or advice on hand range training videos or software will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

  • Hi all, My name's Jacob. Im 32, father of 3, married, work full time, and coming off a couple year hiatus from online poker. I came back with a new purpose and devote a ton of time to improving my MTT game. I'm currently researching training sites and coaches. Im hoping to invest in training once BR allows. I've always been a profitable player, but its time to take the next step and start making some serious money. At the moment, I only play on Global under the sn "Ubernoob," and I play live tou…