US Deposit Guide 2015

    • US Deposit Guide 2015


      Hey guys, I hope you find this guide useful.

      As we kick off the year, depositing at US poker sites is getting easier. Established offshore poker sites have established very good depositing solutions for their players – even though for players that get their credit card deposits declined usually. As a consequence of more depositing methods it follows that US facing poker sites are growing. This is reflected in bigger tournament fields, higher prize pools, a greater choice of cashgame tables and bigger promotions and specials.
      While funding your poker account if you are an US player has become a little more difficult over the last couple of years. Nonetheless US facing poker sites have been working diligently to add more different options - many players are pleasantly surprised how easily they can fund their accounts actually. This article will focus on how to get started as an US citizen.

      Top Deposit Methods

      Visa Credit Card
      Number one option when it comes to credit your poker accounts. Your card needs to be approved for international payments. Some are not by default to protect you from fraudulent activities. It might require a quick call to your bank to arrange that. Alternatively you can try to grab a prepaid visa card which you can buy from your convenience store around the corner. I recommend to get in touch with the poker site supporter before you buy a card as only they will be able to tell you which brands are working. Finally, you will be required to fill out a form and send ID with your credit card. This is just a standard procedure to protect you from any potential fraud.

      Some poker sites accept them, some not. Same as for Visa, your MasterCard should be capable for international payments.

      American Express (AmEx)
      Some operators are able to take it although it is not the most commonly accepted card. Please ask the poker site support as this deposit option is not always advertized openly.

      Western Union Money Transfer
      It is a quite popular funding option for US players. Please consider that there will be some fees. WU can be used almost everywhere for cash ins & -outs. Usually there are two stages to the process of using this US deposit option. First, you need to speak with the supporter of the poker sites. They will provide you information where the money will be wired to. Secondly, you go to a Western Union outlet in your area. Give the details the poker site supporter mentioned to the cashier, hand over your cash and pay a fee ranging from $8-$20 for using their reliable service. Right after that, mail your transaction number to the poker site. The poker site will receive the money instantly. Withdrawing via WU takes 1-3 business days usually.

      Similar to Western Union in the way it works but it cannot be used for withdrawals. Consult the supporter of the poker site you want to deposit. Go to your MoneyGram retailer and transfer the money you want to deposit. The recipient information will not usually be in the name of the poker site itself. You will get a code that you need to tell to the poker site.

      Player-to-Player (p2p) Transfer
      The ability to transfer between players has been withdrawn from the Merge Network and Bovada but it can still be used at the Winning Poker Network and the Revolution Gaming Network.

      The Winning Poker Network started to accept Bitcoins. Your balance will be held in USD and you can play all regular games. Nonetheless this deposit option is more appropriate for technically minded players. You first need to purchase Bitcoins through a reliable exchange as Bitstamp. Note that Bitcoins are volatile.

      Speak to the supporter of the poker site. The best option is usually Visa.

      Top Withdraw Options

      There are fewer options available. The mainstay is still paper checks. These take a few weeks. First for the check to be created and mailed and second for it you clear through your bank account. Bear in mind that this method is very reliable.
      The other main withdraw option is Western Union. It is significantly quicker than paper checks but you also face a higher fee of up to $20.

      Players ask whether it is safe to deposit money into an offshore poker site. Note that these sites have spent a lot of money and efforts building their brands, and gaining trust of players. The chance of getting scammed is pretty slime. There might be a risk that the DoJ makes a second crackdown similar to the Black-Friday. Nonetheless, as we move towards a legal poker in the US the risk diminishes. If you are worried about this just keep a smaller proportion of your total bankroll at one poker site and mix it up with some others.

      Good luck at the tables guys and feel free to comment.
    • My few cents on that topic:

      There are a lot of American players that want to know if they can play online poker. The good news is that you can. We all remember back when poker sites stopped allowing Americans.A lot of people were more than just a little bummed out about this. After all, they were told they couldn’t play their favorite game. It left a lot of people wondering what was going to happen next.

      How can an American play poker online? There are several sites where Americans are still allowed to play. The sites that kicked Americans out still aren’t allowing them back in. But, there are plenty of other places you can go. Finding a poker room that allows Americans is easy. What isn’t easy is funding that poker room account. There reason for that is simple.American banks can’t do business with online gambling. It’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo that only lawyers and nerds understand. But, it’s just the way it is.You’re going to have difficulty funding your poker room account if you’re using an American bank.

      How do American poker players fund their account? There are two main ways of doing it. You can use a reloadable prepaid visa. The most popular of which is the Green Dot Card. You probably have seen advertisements for this card on television. You can either have it sent through the mail or you can pick one up at a store. You can also load and reload your card at the store.It’s as easy as giving the clerk your money at the store. A lot of online poker players use this method. There may be other reloadable prepaid cards that work. The Green Dot Card is the most popular of them all. You can also use this card for purchases that aren’t poker related. It’s a great card to use when shopping online.

      EntroPay is another way to fund your account. They give you a virtual Visa card. You can use this card to deposit money into a poker room. First you must deposit money online to your virtual Visa. Then you use the virtual Visa at the poker room. Everything is done online and you don’t have to go to the store. The downside is the card is virtual. You won’t be given an actual card like you get with Green Dot. That may be important to some people. Especially if you plan on using your reloadable card for other things.

      It’s important to note that some poker sites will ban Americans from certain states. This is due to laws forbidding online gambling.Make sure you find out if the site you’re joining allows people from your state.Many sites have 24/7 customer support. They’re there day or night to answer your questions. Make sure you ask them before signing up. It will make the process of finding the right poker room easier.

      The only thing that’s left to do is to go play some poker. Go out there and have yourself a real good time. Crack open a cold beer and play a few hands. You deserve to have a good time. What are you doing reading this? Go hit the felt and win some cash!