888 Poker: Current Mass-Ban without any evidence of significant reasoning

    • 888 Poker: Current Mass-Ban without any evidence of significant reasoning


      Although, I am not affected yet from what is going currenlty on at 888, I would still like to share that current situation in order to warn potentially others:

      I would guess that by now already many have heard about what is currently going on at 888:

      - many accounts have been already banned under the suspicion that AI was been using
      - due to many different indicators, those claimed suspicions seem to be absolutely non-sense, just not true at all and simply made up + random -> plz read the thread yourself up.
      - So far only one case of a confiscated roll was returned and the account reopened - regards to all other countless cases, the accounts remain closed and rolls are most likely for good confisccated and so far seemingly will not be returned at all.
      - Among the users in the thread, there seems to be also a suspicion that the real reason for closing the accounts has to do something that those 888-account have been signed up through a normal affiliate such as even pokermarket is one (no extra hidden RB).

      As usual within the 2+2-thread there are a lot of trolls, which makes the read not so easy^^
      I wish all people who already got affected by this current situation, all the best and good luck that their situation will be soon resolved.
      I also do hope that there will be soon real information on what is going on, since as for now there is just noone - even the official rep within the 2+2 888 regular Thread just keeps a low profile and basically does not provide any meaningful information on this matter, whih seems more than a little bit odd, to say at least.

      1.) I hope that I have posted this tread within the right area - maybe you would like to move it though to a more "visited" area like "Poker General", since it is currenlty in my opinion a very alarming and confusing matter and hence should have some importance in itself.
      2.) I will also bring attention to this thread within the German community (will not type it out in german again ,though, since I would assume that everyone there is capable of reading it in english up - if you would have any doubts about that assumption, I leave it to you and please feel free to potentially provide relevant cliffs in gemran within the relevant thread - thanks).

      Best Regards,