Official PT4 Premium Add-on Developer

    • Official PT4 Premium Add-on Developer

      Im a long time PT4 user and one of the most active members of the PT4 forums i also got approved as a Official PT4 Premium Add-on Developer. Ive dozens of private customers and i´ve done more than 200 custom stats for them anything positional stats, different effective stack sizes, W$SD based on certain lines, action stats based on board texture, among many others.
      My premium add-on account also allow me to protect my work against unauthorize downloads and distribution as well as to block the access to the custom stats columns to avoid people duplicating the expressions i use to built the stats which is perfect for staking stables as i can do the same with custom HUD profiles which will alllow them to protect their profiles too.
      I also offer 1-on-1 coaching as well as mentoring for those who are just getting started and would like to know the best way to max value out of the program, im basically online most of the day willing to answer any of the questions you might have, i offer quality services as well as tailored made products.
      Check out my website for more information about my services, cheers.