New Guy :-) sick deals

    • New Guy :-) sick deals


      Im new guy. I maded this profile long time ago, but now I want try to get some deals. Hope I will do everything right here :) ... I know thats hard to sold out live event especialy for new guy without good history, but for those who will try it with me I will have some extra deals :-). Im ohnest so I have to mention that I had one issue with guys from CMU and I get ban for it :-D, but it wasnt fair ban cauze I paid out all money, maybe I was a little rude to admin (but he pissed me) :saint: :D ...

      If You want to try it just do it and we all can make some money I have really good time now so join now or never :D and sorry for my english :-). Finaly I have to admit there is one secret but to find out you will have to invest first :cool: :whistling: (some of you maybe can recognize it without clue).

      I need findout how it works so I will make some events like free money first come first take :) :evil:

      Dont expect high risk and high revenue (now its around 1.44)
      :thumbsup: Lets make some money