www.Grinding-Stations.com - PCs desgined by players for players

    • www.Grinding-Stations.com - PCs desgined by players for players

      Dear PokerMarket community!

      Today we are presenting to you our new project: Grinding-Stations.com
      We are a german-based startup primarily focussed on cryptomining rigs, consulting for mining projects and ICOs in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

      However, we too are enthusiastic poker players who've been around for quite some time. We are also familiar with the frustrations that come with the daily use of a PC - having it act up or otherwise distract you from playing your A-Game during a session can be infuriating.
      In addition there are no retailers that aren't either charging too high prices or whoms products aren't coming with extras we don't need at all and that cost money we do not want to spend.

      That is exactly why - after helping out a lot of our stable mates, study partners and sometimes coaches - we decided it is time to provide the community with a source for solutions tailored to their needs at fair prices.

      You can check out the first offers over in our shop at Grinding-Stations.com ranging from entry level PCs perfect for the grind and driving multiple monitors to workstations with enough computing power to blaze through even the most complex simulations and trees.

      All our products come with a two year warranty.

      P.S.: We'd love to hear your feedback and criticism! Please feel free to leave us a message.

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    • Testimonials by players who have worked with us before:

      Lefebvre1101 wrote:

      As an online poker pro making the switch from the Mac to the PC world, I was pretty clueless on what I needed to run all the different poker softwares efficiently. Nando helped me pick out all the PC parts I needed for the best price possible. He also answered any questions I had about PCs (I had a lot) and helped me with problems over skype while I was building it. His expertise made the switch much easier, fast forward a few months and I am very happy with the PC.

      DamoWain wrote:

      Back in June I was playing my games & running PioSolver on an older laptop that really didn't give me the performance I needed. [/i]
      Nando helped me pick out which parts I should go with that were available for good prices and hang around on skype to make sure I got rolling!

      Now I've been running my small workstation for about 6 months and am as happy as I can be, given I had no idea what I should've gone for on my own.
      I can definitely recommend Nandos Services, and the configurations he is selling as I'm happy with mine![/i]

    • Hey PokerMarket!

      Today we had our product photoshoot and now I can show a few of our builds.
      We thought they came out pretty good, but as always we are open for any feedback you might have!

      This is of one of our GrindStation builds, which is pretty basic but delivers great bang for your buck performance and is all you really need if all you want to do is grind!

      The second build is a customized version of our GamingStation that combines a powerful CPU (Intel Core i7 8700K @ 5.1GHz) for Piosolver & really good graphics (GTX 1080) for any games you'd find out there.
      Also this version comes with RGB lighting.
    • Hey minhstar!

      That looks indeed like a pretty beastly setup! What game is that on your screen?

      On another note:

      For everyone residing outside of germany who is in possession of a valid VAT ID we have great news!

      As a german company we can deliver goods to you without having to charge taxes, so if you are in for a 19% discount on all products, use the code nonDE at checkout!

      Note: This only applies if you have a valid VAT ID and provide it after your purchase!
    • that is world of warcarft
      yeah it runs pretty smooth and atm no problems with new games like "player unknown battlefield"

      setup was:

      cpu: intel i7 8700k
      graphic card: asus rog strix gtx 1080i OC
      mainboard: asus rog strix z370-G gaming
      main memory: 16gB ddr4
      master liqiud cooling
      hard drive: crucial 275gB SSD
      and asus predator g sync screen