Graphs of our students in 2017

    • Graphs of our students in 2017

      Moved from 200nl to 5K in less then 6 months. He played this year on "live at the bike" 50/100 with Phil Hellmuth and left the seat being up over 100K

      2) Student moved from FLH to NLH and started form the scratch there, he plays now 200z and takes some 500z shots

      3) 6bb/winrate at midstakes and lower highstakes

      4) playing 400 mostly at the beginning, he moved up to 1K now

      5) Was a student of a other CFP before he joined us and was no happy with the program there, luckily he decided to give us a shot after his bad experience with other CFPs

      6) I just quote what he wrote us in his application:

      "For the past ~3 years I was playing mostly NL100 rush/zoom (first on FTP then zoom when they merged). Most of the time I was slightly winner (1-4bb) or BE but then after 2-3 months of BE, I decided to fix my leaks (not defending BB enough, too much folding to 3bets and too much folding to turn and river bets) but my wr droped even more.
      At the moment I feel totaly lost and need help. That's why I am approaching you for CFP."

      I think it is fair to say that he is not a BE player anymore and had his biggest winning month very recently


      He moved from HU SnGs to NL CG. As you see he struggled at the beginning by only playing BE, but once he had the "aha moment" he started crushing and plays now mostly 500z with some shoots at 1K


      Student who has even a blog on PM, played mostly 50 and 100nl at the beginning. Now he started playing 500 and even some shoots at 1k.

      He joined us with 3K BR and even though he ran a lot under AI EV this year, he still managed to win ~20K + RB and is playing mostly 500z now.
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