Newbie Here!

    • Newbie Here!

      Hi guys my name is Daniel and I currently live in Southern Indiana along the Ohio River.

      I guess I've been playing poker competitively since 2006 or so. In many years past I had enjoyed moderate success both playing on my own dime and selling my action in weekly and monthly packages.

      I was always afraid of getting trapped in the makeup hole, so I tended to keep my events smaller and avoided taking some of the shots that I feel my skill set would have allowed otherwise. Over the years I have seen several very talented players fall so deep in the makeup that it seems to suck the joy out of the game for them and I did not want that for me.

      As a result my average buy-in never exceeded $20 + 2 for tournaments and $1/$2 for cash in online play. Back then Americans had access to PokerStars and I had proven I could play successfully in the $100 + 9 tournaments, but my personal bankroll would not support that level and I was unwilling to risk having variance place me deep in makeup, so I rarely ventured above $20 tournaments.

      I was married some years back and we had three children and the time came to buy a house so poker got put on the back burner for awhile for me. Thanks to a very supportive wife who also plays saving up money without my knowledge over the last couple years and giving it to me as a surprise I now have a playable bankroll again.

      Since then I've been primarily focused on playing live at the Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg, and have enjoyed a little success while shaking off the rust from a couple of years away from the game. I do play a little at Americas Cardroom, though rarely above the micro level and I've been enjoying myself on Ignition Poker lately.

      What I have found is that in the couple of years I was away from the game it changed significantly and so has my own play style. In the past I routinely rotated between super TAG and LAG, preferring to play huge pots whenever possible. I found that as I've gotten older, my comfort and being able to read post-flop situations correctly has grown and as a result I have trended towards playing less stressful small ball poker.

      I am unsure of what it is I hope to get out of being here. In the past I had cultivated a small stable of three or four horses for micro to mid-level games and it is possible I may look to do that again. I may also choose to sell some of my live play action if that's something people would be interested in, or maybe even looked to build a bankroll on ignition or Americas cardroom. I don't anticipate seeking backing anytime soon. I'm very fortunate to have both a well-paying job and a frugal wife, so I can afford to play on my own money while I'm experimenting with different play styles and finding what it is that works for me.

      I guess I'm just having a blast being back in poker. I'm even having fun sitting down with my wife and digging through hand Histories on HEM LOL. I think right now I'm just looking for an energetic and vibrant community to share my enthusiasm with as all the communities I was a member of years ago no longer exist.

      I made this post via my phone so I apologize for typos or grammatical errors. I'm waiting on a tournament to start at Hollywood and figured I would check you guys out. When I get home to a regular computer I'll see about getting a picture up on my profile and rounding out some information. Until then thanks for playing along and I apologize for the very long first post but I am very happy to be here. :=D
    • No I've never heard anything more than rumors of cheating on ACR. I'll have to look into it.

      There was a point in my life when I ate, slept, and drank poker. Nowadays I like to think of myself as a casual player with a more than casual skill set, but unfortunately I just don't keep up on all the poker news like I used to.

      Thanks for the welcome. I've been poking around and I think I'm going to enjoy it here.