Facing Donks In 3bet Pot

    • Facing Donks In 3bet Pot

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 10NL 6-max 5-handed on MG. HERO is BU with K :heart: K :spade: , 102BB effective.

      MP folds
      CO raises to 3BB
      BU HERO raises to 10BB
      SB folds
      BB folds
      CO calls.

      FLOP (21.5BB) : 8 :diamond: 7 :diamond: T :spade: . CO bets 13.5BB, BU HERO calls.
      TURN (48.5BB) : 8 :spade: . CO bets 24.5BB, BU HERO...???

      Neither of the 3 options seems too attractive, what do you guys think?

      Thank you for responses :)
    • I don't see him bet/folding the turn. I think the EV of call and fold are close and it depends on the villain which is better.

      The texture surely is as ugly as it gets for BuvCO 3bet pot, the turn seems like a neutral card that freezes draw equity pairing the board. So defending some KK versus a balanced leading range opponent sounds right from a vacuum perspective, but I doubt you encounter those players on NL10, so I would think the Pot-Equity for CO here is higher than usual and you could be drawing to a 2outer to win the hand or a 3outer to counterfit 87s.
    • Flop call is good
      Turn looks like a very clear jam

      he's not too likely to lead full houses on the turn
      he's not too likely to donk 8x on the flop

      I think he's on quite a bit of draws and quite a bit of random hands where he doesn't know what he's doing (JT, 99, A7).

      I guess if you know he's a tight-solid regular, all the random hands are not there, and it's a bit close, but when you play NL10 and someone donks into you in a 3bet pot, the chances they are just random are quite high, so I think it's the easiest jam that ever was.
    • I disagree that this type of installment-planning with a donk line is done light on these stakes in 3bet pots. From a combination perspective even TT is not a sure 4bet, while T8s gets defended as well. So an average nl10 villain might even be stronger on this texture than a closer to optimal ranges playing villain. So the randomness has to increase quite a bit here to account for the more nutted combos and make it a valuejam on the turn against a draw-heavy range.

      I think it is just in general a strong line to lead these boards in this spot knowing fully well the pressure that is put on marginals if the board becomes more scary.
    • Well, had no info up to the point of the hand, so i did jam the turn, not that much for value, but rather protection (in my mind i wasn't folding the hand) , unfortunately got snapped by TT, but still not sure should've i played it differently, but also how to play against this guy moving forward - noticed him donking quite a bit, but seen just a couple of showdowns that we're value, but i certainly don't want to give him credit for having a value hand every time he decides to donk.... I guess the only clear outcome i got from this is that i should abuse his checking range as i just can't imagine a guy to balance ALL the ranges that well to be able to donk nuts and still defend checking range properly