New PC for grinding.

    • New PC for grinding.

      I am looking to buy a new computer just for playing poker and to keep my
      old computer for PIO calcs. Here are the specs for my old computer:

      Budget: $1,000 - 2,000. Can be higher if needed.

      What I will be using the PC for: Only poker. Want to be able to play several rooms, run HM2 (HM3), notecaddy, work
      with reasonably large databases, use customized HUD, other software if
      needed. Want my PC to be fast enough so that there is close to 0% chance
      of any sort of lag or delay during play.

      Which parts I already have: Will be using 2 x 32' on new computer (S32D850), as well as the GPU from old computer -
      2048MB ATI AMD FirePro W4100 (FireGL V) (ATI). Do need an OS - Windows
      10 is the best option? Also need a new mouse and keyboard.

      p.s. I'm based in Toronto.
    • The most important thing to run HM+NC smoothly alongside everything else is multiple hard drives.
      At least have
      one SSD just for windows + poker programs
      one SSD just for HM+Notecaddy (you need to custom install so they both read/write data from the correct drive)
      one drive for all other shit

      A step up is to use PCIe SSDs instead of the SATA ones.

      I'd spend most money on a processor; that's what will keep everything running blazingly fast.

      RAM is only a question of solver (and I guess how many browser tabs you like to have open). 16GB is enough for poker only. [Although you can use RAM-disk if you want to go super fast; I've never tried putting a HM+NC onto a RAM-disk, but that could be something]

      Make sure you buy a nice motherboard, where the USB slots don't break after a few uses.

      Mouse/Keyboard: I'm a big believer in having at least two connected at all times. If, during a session your mouse dies, you lose no money but smoothly use the other. For keyboard, one wired for fast key input (I guess more important for other games, but hey), and one wireless so you can control your PC from across the room if need be (like you can pause movies from the couch).

      W7 and W10 should both be fine.
    • It's not the best moment to build a computer, but it is what it is.
      I'm not really sure about your video card, but it's good that you keep it and can always upgrade once the GPU prices goes normal.

      Personally (and having on mind the lnternet's suggestions for HDDs)I would go for something like:

      MB: GIGABYTE GA-AB350-GAMING 3 (or similar with B350 chipset) >>> ~$120
      CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 1600 >>> ~$250
      RAM: 2 x 8GB >>> ~$220
      Cooler: You can use the stock one and should be pretty enough
      SSD: 2 x 120GB >>> ~$120 for both
      HDD: 3TB 7200RPM >>> ~$120
      Case: >>> ~$80
      Power Supply: around 600-650W >>> ~100
      OS: Windows 10 Home - 64-bit >>> ~125
      Mouse and KBD >>> ~$150 should be more than enough for 2 mouses and 1 KBD
      Thermal paste >>> $15
      Total: $1300

      Some thoughts:
      MB: B350 mobos are reasonably good and personally I think suitable for your needs. You can find good ones even for ~$100
      CPU: RYZEN 5 1400 (for ~$200) should be good enough for your poker needs as well, but for me 1600 is way better in price/performance ratio and it's only $50 more
      RAM: With the high prices of the RAM I think that even 8GB is still enough for normal use and poker, but with 16GB you shouldn't bottleneck the rest of the system for sure. You can also try with one stick of 8GB and in case it's not enough - to buy another one, but better to buy a pair of 8GB sticks in order to not mess up the type (same frequency and clocks).
      Cooler: Nothing to add to the previous note.
      SSD: You can buy one 250GB and one 120, but if you really gonna use it only for poker - 2x120 are more, more than enough
      HDD: again, you can spend some money with 1TB disk, but try to stick to 7200rpm ones
      Case: >>> There are good ones for even less money, but for the $70-$90 price range you will get pretty nice one.
      Power Supply: nothing to comment
      OS: nothing to comment
      Mouse and KBD >>> Don't think we can recommend any, as it's a personal feeling if one or another gonna be comfortable for you. Just visit your local PC store and try 3-4-5 different ones.
      So you can easily reach $1000 price without affecting the performance too much.

      Pre-build PCs are also an option and I thing that for ~$1500-~$1600 you can get something with GTX 1060, 16GB ram and etc: