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    • Poker Room To Choose

      Hey guys,

      wanted to ask for a little help in selecting a secondary poker room :)

      For quite a while i have been playing at Microgaming and will continue to do so, but since volume sometimes might be too low, i also had a secondary room to put in some more volume. Of course, it's no secret that i want to make some money in the process and while that has been the case with MG, my current 2nd room/network (Best Poker/GG Network) hasn't been too kind with high rake and other 'fun' stuff going on there, which resulted in me continuing to lose money there (probably i just suck ^^ ) and i just don't want to anymore :D So could you suggest another decent room for a micro/small stakes cash player? Looking for room without 'fun' stuff (so not like Best Poker ; ACR - seen Joe Ingram talk about on his videos), but also with not unbeatable rake and maybe some kind of possible rake-back deal. I've been playing without a HUD for quite a while now, so if the site doesn't allow them i would actually preffer that too, but that's not so important (have HM2, so don't mind putting it in action again) , but hopefully you could suggest which room should i choose at this point? I've had 888 and Party crossing my mind, but also thinking about possibly trying that in near future opening RIO/Galfond room as well...?

      Thank you for responses :)