TT in MP facing a 5xPS-Squeeze

    • TT in MP facing a 5xPS-Squeeze

      ***** Total number of players : 6/6
      BU: ( $10.30 USD )
      CO ( $1.92 USD )
      SB: Ri0D0r0 ( $6.56 USD )
      MP (me): ( $5 USD )
      BB: marcinAA ( $5.36 USD )
      EP:( $6.99 USD )
      SB posts small blind [$0.02 USD].
      BB posts big blind [$0.05 USD].
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to me [ Ts Th ]
      EP folds
      me (MP) raises [$0.12 USD]
      CO folds
      BU folds
      SB calls [$0.10 USD]
      BB raises [$0.55 USD]
      me: ?

      TT is -for sure- neither top nor bottom of my range,
      facing a 5-times-squeeze from BB I like to fold this hand.

      Where is the borderline for setmining in this case?
      Do we setmine at all against a squeeze like that?
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    • Could be wrong, but i don't think that 'setmining' is the major thing here. You open MP 3BB, SB flats 3BB, BB makes it 11BB, so:

      1) first of all this sizing isn't TOO BIG or anything IMO, if anything i think it's on the smaller side as normally i'd go for something like 12-13BB or so squeeze;

      2) If i calculated it correctly, you get 32% odds to call vs the squeeze and even vs nutted range of JJ+/AK you have more equity than that (see pic below), not to mention how much more equity you have if villain actually has a wider range (AQ/KQo/A5s etc);

      3) it is also a matter of defending enough of your own range - you open x%, you face a raise and so you should fold no more than you should or you'd be overfolding and in that case villain has a +EV squeeze with any two - for example (ONCE AGAIN, IF I GOT IT RIGHT) here you should be defending about 53% of your initial range, or, if you're folding more than that, villain has a profitable squeeze (assuming SB folds as well) with any two cards! Just to give you a better view of how high TT is in the whole range, no matter of what your exact MP opening range, as you can see, equilab includes TT in the top 2% of all the possible hands (if you think AK is better that's fine, the range than expands to 3.5%~), so unless you're oppening less than 4% in MP (and that's obvs not true), you just can't be folding TT here without an extremely good reason and IMO that would still not be enough to make the EV of folding bigger than EV of continuing :)

    • motiejus wrote:

      You open MP 3BB, SB flats 3BB, BB makes it 11BB, so:
      Yes, please think of sizing in BB or in %, and not in "5x".

      It's 2.4bb to 11bb
      It's a 120% pot size squeeze

      That's slightly on the large size, but nothing crazy.

      TT in MP vs a sq with a SB caller is a clear call.
      You can never 4b this.
      You can never fold this.

      I think you can consider folding if you have a CO caller who is very tight-solid (like calls pre 99-JJ, AQs type range) and BB is also a tight solid gut who likely squeezes only 5%. But given you have an SB caller you can't even consider folding.
    • You can follow these three steps every time it's a raise instead of just a bet.

      1) pot after call
      2) bet into that pot
      3) divide bet by pot

      Let's do it here

      1) BB calls. Pot is 2.4 + 2.4 + 2.4 = 7.2
      2) BB increases his call by 11-2.4 = 8.6
      3) 8.6 / 7.2 = 1.194, say 1.2 times pot, or 120% size

      For practice, you can also look your hands in HM replayer to see the % size and pot odds for each hand.