Progress blog: MTT-SNG's - 2.50$ & 3.50$R+

    • Progress blog: MTT-SNG's - 2.50$ & 3.50$R+

      Hello Pokermarket,

      I came to the conclusion that I'm balancing my time quite well regarding to poker, university and real life.
      That's why I will document my online poker journey from now until the begin of September where I am planning to play more live tournaments, so it might be a good idea of setting up a fixed time frame for this blog at first.

      Whatever happens from September on, for now the goals of this blog are:

      1) Document my progress.

      I am not a professional player, but I am working ambitiously with the Raiseyouredge course and I receive coaching/staking from two better players who push me a lot and I like my quick improvements so far.

      2) Keep track of my time distribution, which means basically how much time I spent grinding per week, compared to how many hours of focused studying for university I have put in.

      -> I will have to be very self-critical concerning the level of "deep work". I have read several books about the difference of "studying" and I know what kind of student I want to be.
      -> By writing down my efforts and how I feel I expect to become more objective and self-reflective, so to say more honest with myself.

      3) Answer questions:
      I will provide my personal opinions on either hands that I post, or on those you post and want my opinion on. Yet, I expect anyone who posts a hand for review to have prepared his own analysis.
      This is going to be a radical honest blog, and I think I will leave out any real life stories. The past months have shown how f*cked up a blog can become if random trolls pick up on your background. Just see the german blog section.
      This is aswell the reason for me to create my blog in English.

      4) Improve
      I am playing the 180 man Turbo Sngs on Pokerstars for now, mixing the 2.50$ with the 3.50$ rebuy. As soon as I can prove my skill over a decent number of these, I will be allowed to move up to higher stakes of mtt sng and real tournaments.
      I can't predict how long this will take, or if I will be able to play real tournaments at all before September. Whatever happens, I'll let you know :saint:

      Basically I just want to have a good time playing poker and remind me and others that there is more to this one life we have than winning X $ from a card game.
      I will never lose sight of my real passion, which I am going to university for.
      Updates can be expected once per week, at least once per month. I only play 3 Sessions per week at max, game days for me will be Thursday, Friday and then either Saturday or Sunday.
      If I have a lot to do for university, I will skip a session if necessary.
      I will try to keep track of my hours spent on poker/university study time via an excel sheet, but this will just for me since I don't believe it is of any interest for you how many hours I am reading historical texts. :)

      I hope you will enjoy reading.

      Gl at the tables :)
    • welcome into the blogging scene <3

      milkthedonky wrote:

      Basically I just want to have a good time playing poker and remind me and others that there is more to this one life we have than winning X $ from a card game.
      that's a cool attitude! most people start a blog and are not updating it consistently as they have no motivation or longterm poker goal. I think your perspective makes this blog pretty interesting.

    • krustenkaas wrote:

      GLGL with your Journey!
      Which kind of live MTTs do you play and in which Casinos? What do you study btw?
      Hey, glad to read you here :)

      I will play a buy in range between 55 and 550 live, most of the mtts will be re-enter tournaments but I have to think about playing them as freezeouts in the beginning, for accomodation/orientation reasons.
      There will be different dynamics compared to online mtts that I want to figure out before shooting 3 bullets in a 100€ bounty tournament and not having a certain plan in mind. I will play in a german casino close to the boarder of the Netherlands. If you want further details, hit me up on Skype :)
      Oh, and I study History and English as subject in High School. Yes, I will become a teacher. A gambling teacher. :D
    • Alright, since I already played a full month in April, here you can see my evBB/100 graph for the mttsng's:

      Not bad of a result for someone who aimed for 300 games. I won't be able to play that much in May, even though we have one week of vacation at university.
      I will use this time to catch up with all topics that I didn't understand completely. 300 games will be doable for me.

      I'm mixing the 3.50$ rebuys already, and what can I say... Soft as fuck, and I ended up second in a 3.50$+ HU vs a solid german reg who is playing since 2008. Cool dude, I will add him on skype at times. Always looking for people with similar ambitions :)

      I'm really glad that I made several final tables and 2 HU in my session today, because I worked 2 hours on headsup theory for different stacksizes today
      and immediately could apply it. If I win flips in Nash jam situations now, that'd be great!

      Looking forward to crush this week regarding university. The quality of my last 4 assignments last week suffered visibly because of the time I spent on grinding, but hey; it payed the bills!

      So far, good luck to those of you playing the SCOOP. I am not ready for it. YET!
      Go get them, boys! :cool:
    • As promised, a more profound update. :)

      The first year of university is over and I passed all my exams. It's the biggest achievement for me to be able to say that I put in the work necessary to reach this, and even though my grades are not as good as I would like them to be, I'm sincerely proud of myself.
      Yet, I will change the subject of history to German, so my subject combination will be English/German Highschool teacher from the next wintersemester onwards.

      I'm looking forward in excitement for the next year and I am certain that I will get into contact with many more inspiring personalities at university. Few of the students I've met are actually aware of how thankful we should be for this privilege... Well, I am at least.

      It happened that I broke up with my girlfriend, after a 4 year relationship. I won't get lost in any details, because it's how things go, but actually noone gives a fuck except for those involved, right?
      We parted ways as friends, but nothing more.
      One day, we will meet again and hopefully talk as friends. This means that I have a ton of time to put into my self development, my studies, and... Poker :)

      So, what's the plan for the rest of August until the end of September?

      1) Study Latin level-1 for an additional exam on September 3rd.
      2) Work through the MTT Masterclass by Bencb789 again to get into tournament shape again.
      3) Learn to play accoustic guitar (I'm already playing first songs and I love how experiential my progress feels right now)
      4) From September 1st onwards, I will transition to live tournaments in my local casino. I have a seperate live mtt bankroll set aside for that day, and I will play 3 months and see how much I make.
      5) I applied to a cool restaurant as a bartender, where I'll be learning to bartender twice per week.

      Also, I am reading a lot of selfdevelopment books, especially about mindset. Meditating has become a habit and I love it.

      As I am rereading this entry, I appreciate myself fo becoming a more social character. Soon I won't have to hide myself anymore, as I am also working out twice a week with some friends in a calisthenic programme,
      and aside of that I go for a swim 1-2 days a week. For now, I've replaced running/jogging with swimming, since my joints, mostly knees and hip, but also wraists, are hurting more than I fear is normal after running 3 miles.

      So this is it, for now. As I'm preparing myself at this moment for playing live in September, I won't be posting too much of an update, maybe I will review my studying progress and document it here, with some facts or statistics, yet I doubt that this is of any interest. Therefore, I recommend you to stay tuned and enjoy the suspense :P

      GL to all of you, stay on the rise.
    • finished 12th for 155$ including bounties. I am happy with my Performance even though I lost a 100bb pot vs the second cl with AK vs KQ on a KQ9XX Board where I could have x/folded the turn after he raised my flop cbet from 4bb to 20.
      If I don't Call so stubbornly there I don't get it in with TT the Next Hand vs AA by Another big stack and I'm not crippled. Anyway, it was a smooth experience as I havent played too many bounty Tournaments. I will Buy the bounty Beast course from bencb when I can afford it.

      Gl guys, I wish you a Happy new year:)