Keys To Take Away From Showdown?

    • Keys To Take Away From Showdown?

      Hello guys,

      have a question about using the data we gain after seeing a showdown :)

      recently i played a hand at MG, 6-max 50NL, vs a reg, who seems to be a bit crazy, but i'm not sure what adjustments i can make, as i don't want to do anything too crazy myself, but look to maximize my EV vs this dude. Broad history: 100BB~ deep.

      I open BU QJo, he 3bets BB 2>8, i call. Flop K T 3 r, BB barrels 1/2~, i call. Turn 6r, BB barrels 1/2 - 1/2.6, i call, river offsuit A, giving me the nuts, BB jams, i call and he shows 22...

      So after finding out that the guy 3bets BBvBU with 22, what can i actually be adjusting? Should that mean that he overbluffs massively and we have a calldown spot with everybluffcatcher or it might be some kind of mixed strategy pre and bluff-gone-wrong postflop using nuts advantage on the board to push me off...???

      Seems like i should still be looking to expand my own 4betting range, but a) is that it? b) wouldn't that affect my c3b range in a sense that it would be too weak or can i avoid that by widening the 4betting range as a part of mixed strat (like 4betting 1/2 AQ, 1/4 AJ etc...?)

      Don't want to sound like i'm asking to do the job for me, but could you maybe explain what 3betting range might be using here and how to play against it.

      Thank you for responses :)
    • Good thoughts :)

      In general yes, if someone bluffs too much, you can call more bluffcatchers.
      But be careful when making such strong adjustments. Best thing mostly vs a guy that can spew from time to time is playing solid and not doing crazy stuff yourself.

      3betting 22 is weird yeah. If someone 3bets a lot with a depolar range, you should stop bluff 4-betting him and could instead 4b the strongest hands from your call 3b range. So, if you were unsure if 4b or call AQ/TT, now is the time to 4b.

      Again, dont do adjustments if you're not 100% convinced that it's better than the standard line. Might still be that he was on tilt/random.