Microgaming changes?

    • Hmmm.....

      (very) Lately MG has been acting weirdly, so i'm not sure i'm happy with what's been going on :D

      Talking about stuff like:

      - achievements' been forcedly shown on the tables as the 'privacy' function is no longer in place. Doesn't bother me in a sense that me or others get any kind of info from them, but just aditional distraction / used table screen space, for no good reason, meh...

      - i'm i the only one who get to experience this (at least fortunate it didn't happen in BIG pots yet) - it clearly happened a few times once i've clicked sit out button (so to sit out next hand), but could've occured even without me doing anything, but not sure about it - to give an example, i'm playing last hand before siting out (with the option to sit out next hand already chosen), i open 98s, get called by SB and BB flop 8 3 9+FD, both check to me and before i can even chose i size to bet my hand is RIGHT away folded (without me doing ANYTHING) and i'm sitting out.... That's messed up :/
    • lnternet wrote:

      sitout - I don't think you can sit out next hand. You can only sit out right now. If you click sit out, it means auto fold + sit out. So the behavior you got is working exactly as intended!
      There's only 1 option to sitout, but i'm 99% positive (maybe i'm just pressing the button on the exact right time everytime or something, but pretty sure that it's true) that it has been working in a fashion that i described forever and so that's why i was really surprised to see it change to the AUTO FOLD+SIT OUT and thought it was a bug. In fact my post is pretty old now, after some time that 'bug' got fixed again and now (that's why i said i'm 99% positive) it's again working in the "sit out next hand" manner, at least i don't experience it anymore, pretty much was happening for some time and was changed back it looks like.

      Still, no more issues @ microgaming at this point, at least for me, thank you! :)

      HOWEVER, been playing @ microgaming for a while now, haven't seen many / any major changes since summer. Maybe it's because of the skin that i'm using to play there (RedStar) :)