Overpair In 3bet Pot

    • Overpair In 3bet Pot

      Hello guys,

      have another hand, that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 50NL 6-max on MG. HERO is SB with Q :diamond: Q :spade: , 100BBs effective. Villain is UT, a strong regular.

      UT raises to 3BB
      MP folds
      CO folds
      BU folds
      SB HERO raises to 9.5BB
      BB folds
      UT calls.

      FLOP (20BB) : 5 :diamond: 3 :spade: 7 :club: . SB HERO bets 7.5BB, UT calls.
      TURN (35BB) : 9 :heart: . SB HERO checks, UT bets 14BB, SB HERO raises to 83BB and is all in, UT folds.


      Thank you for responses! :)
    • poop_scoop wrote:

      Also against UT we don't expect light floats or loose stabs, so less good to check turn
      Actually this is somewhat what i expected vs this sticky reg - i don't think people balance their ranges nearly enough and so a check on the turn in my spot looks mostly like a x/folding AK, which i would expect to be stabbed at with a high freq on this board.

      However, no STRONG arguments on why checking is better, in fact, if we decide that this is a spot where we are triple barrel getting it in, betting turn for value makes all the sense. I maybe had a sense of protection vs pair+draw type hands, but there just aren't that many of those that turn x/j would be better than b/b/b line, it's just maybe i was a bit scared of 4/6/8/K/A rivers on which i wouldn't know what to do.

      Guess a metagame(?) thing or whatever (not that i think it's theoretically good or correct), have spewed some money in such lines with bluffs before and got snapped by quite a few bluffcatchers (TT-JJ in this instance), so maybe figured it's another chance to get paid. Again, not saying it's good or correct, just what i probably thought at the time, but now see that there's (AGAIN) no good reason to get out of my way with unorthodox lines.

      Thank you for responses!
    • lnternet wrote:

      Line is fine, although it's hard to find bluff hands for this. What weak hands would you check jam there?
      Since neither of the unpaired hands in my SBvUT 3bet range have better than pair potential (no draws possible for me) i GUESS it's just enough amount of weakest hands to balance the JJ+ (not sure about this, certainly this can't be good with TT? ^^ ) part, so the QJs, KJs, KQs, even ATs maybe, with AJs, AQ and AK being the weird hands that neither likes to call nor to fold.

      I've personally experienced so many x/jams in similar spots with the value of my capped preflop range, that i'm rarely even stabbing this myself, as then it sucks both to fold or to call vs somewhat balanced opposition. Not that i think that i'm playing vs toughest people out there, but IMO it's not that hard to be reasonably balanced with fairly tight ranges to begin with preflop.

      Looking to hear your thoughts, thank you! :)