Daddy is Home

    • @motiejus I appreciate the offer but I'm not interested

      Yo life is just not as smooth as I want it to be ^^

      Started with the @lnternet issues at the start of November. Before that I was grinding pretty much every day and was more or less in the zone. Then no internet but some well known new coming highstakes cru$her/ ex flatmate/ good friend appeared at my doorstep and we did some poker stuff and hanging out. He likes to bet in the big blind but maybe he's just a bot fish on a heater. Hanging out with some poker people again was really cool, I don't like to talk poker a lot with people outside of i300 because most don't even have the basic thought patterns right, really gave me some motivation and insights how to crush and keep moving forward. However after that this girl and my sister came to visit when he left. Sister just stayed for 3 days or so and we were checking out the city. At some point this other chick was pissing me off and I told her to pack her shit and I get her a plane home the next day. She was opening up after that and apologized and then I was like alright cool and we went to Portugal. The time from there was pretty cool. Tbh learned a lot hanging out with some chick for a longer time. It's a bit different than just going out and fucking some girls and maybe seeing them once a week or so after that.

      during this time we got the internet finally fixed but first I needed to recharge a bit from all that. I usually want to be alone in a basement after I hung out a lot with people for a week, so this was 3 weeks of what I consider hardcore socializing and I learned a lot but needed a couple days just chilling. When I'm out with that chick for example I obv open up etc but I take care to not do weak shit, I get us what we want and solve problems all the time not allowing them to be taken care of later or not at all. Just kind of actually doing what I want at all times. I think that's kind of what you should go for anyway if you don't kill anyone. However doing that 24/7 for 2 weeks is burning a lot of energy if you are not used to that lol. When I'm on my own I also do what I want but sometimes I'm in a restaurant and some shit is missing I'm like "whatever, I'll just not come here again".
      When I'm in a restaurant I don't accept to sit somewhere where I don't feel the most comfortable in that venue and I'll also tell the waiter to get me new stuff when something looks not clean etc or fix something or ask them if they could adjust my meal to include xyz. just kinda normal things that you wish to be done but from my expierence nobody really says anything to get what they want. I'm obv not just some random dickhead trying to get max value it's just a bit more talking and making some jokes sometimes. So I usually do those 3-4 things for myself and my girl kind of also has some things that she would like, so I'll solve those things as well and we are all happy.
      Seems pretty normal when I write it down but I think a lot people are not very aware about those dynamics and rather complain. You can actually say something if you want something different and get that. It was kinda funny how she started realising that this is an option and over the time stood up for herself making things nice for us as well. Although it's just a small thing I really love to see when I can improve someones quality of life.

      So after her I chilled and kind of just started playing Fortnite on my Nintendo Switch and the person I am really wants become better at anything he likes, so I grinded it out leaving everything behind as usual. I didn't play a lot poker but I am decent at Fortnite now ^^ The Switch playerpool is pretty soft so if I play a full day I score about 5-15 wins.

      Anyway I was reflecting about my life this morning because this is obviously not sustainable. A conclusion I come to usually.


      And here we go, I'll be updating again. I think this gaming side is just a part of me and I rather embrace it and live my life in a way where I rather do it as a clear lower priority instead of surpressing that side of me and not doing it at all.
      This will obviously take a shit ton of effort but I want to make sure I consistently put 8 hours a day in poker and I want to be clear about my poker grind times and nothing will ever disrupt that again.

      This last part is very important because I literally took 2 weeks off for that girl/ made a plan for myself to just work 3 hours a day but this can just not be sustainable for me, I can't bend myself just to have more time for someone else. This is I think the biggest thing I learned from that. I'll live my life in a way that I would live anyway and if someone wants to join me for some time they can do it while I do my stuff. I'm not occupied with work all day anyway.

      Girls will also just immediately fuck you over if they see your are not on your path and bending over for them. It's disgusting but more from myself, for them it's just kinda nature.

      I'll keep you guys updated again of how I do. Poker is my frist priority for 8 hours a day. I'll let you know what I did in those 8 hours. Without an solid income stream I can't reach any of my longterm goals, whatever they are. I'll also completely let go of my "schedule". This is one thing that drained so much energy from me for trying to fix it in the last couple years. Poker is the first thing I'm going to take care of when I start the day, I know the best times to grind and whenever I wake up I can manage to put at least 4 hours of grind time each day into those areas and do theory in the rest of the 8 hours.

      After I have done my poker stuff I'll go out and do game for a bit and then I can do whatever I want.

      I also need to take care of the gym situation :D having a fit body makes me feel better in the end :)

      Maybe I start streaming some games in the future but this is just a very little thought. Might as well learn some skills and create opportunity while I grind games lol.

      That's all I can think of right now.


      Edit: just remembered some funny story.

      My flatmate, I and the girl have been to some massive Entrepreneur meetup/ party. They go travel on some boat for 2 weeks or something and had partied in Barcelona the day before and we somehow joined. idk.
      Anyway, it was in some hotel, fucking packed with a couple 100 people. It obviously smlled like nerd but there were all sorts of almost young people girls, guys etc. everybody super talkative and smart. Lit.
      We found our spot and my girl was sitting on some couch, looking stunning and doing her instagram stuff while we were chatting to some people. Somehow I ended up in a conversation with some other girl, she looked like 28-33. I obviously mildly insult her and see what happens like I always do, she started qualifying herself and we had a nice chat with me occasionally dropping some bombs and I got the feeling she's more and more over me, probably talked to her for like 15 mins already, having fun etc and right when I saw she was getting it on after talking about some more flirty/ sexual stuff she asked me if I live with my flatmate etc and I was like "yea and also (name) is visiting me for a couple days, I met her in XYZ blabla"
      Her jaw dropped like HOOOOLLLYY shit it was so funny to see man xDDD

      we were standing side by side and she just blank starred infront of her fully stunned with some bewildered smile xDD

      that is why I do game... this was funny on so many levels haaa

      alright, peace!
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^

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    • yo yesterday went not too bad, 4 hours poker, and 4 hours theory and setting up solves etc.
      after that went out for an hour but didn't approach any gurl lol.
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • I have not been grinding that much but I have been putting in some hours into poker last week. I really have a problem with video games and I kept relapsing over the last days from playing occasionall to playing way too much so I had to fully quit now.
      It's fun for the first 2/3 of time I'm playing but then I just know it's not adding any value to my life anymore but I just keep playing and can't quit. I think the best option is to just quit it completely and cut off anything videogames related. I love to grind out some games sometimes but my future will be way better if I can even manage to not play video games for one year.
      The last 2 days I spent little time with things that use a lot energy, just to recharge. Kinda detoxing myself from this shit :D
      Anyway after 2 days doing nothing I feel some motivation again to get my life back together. I don't know why it was so hard this time but I'm sure I can do without videogames for 2-3 months and then some cravings will kick in, I ran through this process probably about 5-10 times in the last 5 years so I already know what's coming and I'm just in the process of setting up some plan to not relapse.

      can't wait to look back on this post in a year and thanking myself for this decision.

      LETS GO!
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • short update on whats going on
      -didn't play any video games and avoided anything videogame related. Sometimes it's super hard tho but I just remind myself of what can be possible when I don't play video games for a year.
      -put in a good amount of volume into grinding and theory
      -did some random workouts but gonna get them into my schedule more regularly
      -didn't go out and talk to chicks at all. I'll worry about that once I'm on top of my shit in poker, it's not that fun anyway if you suck at handling your life lol. So gonna do that quite irregular, just when it fits

      the grind is not going super well so far buuuut I'll figure it out :)

      Happy new year fuckers!
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • Yo what's up still downswinging a bit. It's annoying. In the last days I discovered that I had big problems focussing when I was grinding or doing theory which really triggered me to finally read Deep Work by Cal Newport, obv great book, I absorbed it in 2 days. Exactly what I needed at this time.
      Rest is going great I'm going to the beach to do bodyweight exercises every other day and I feel insanely good because of that. When I go to work out it's just the perfect first 3 hours of the day:
      35 min walking to the calisthenics park where I can listen to audible while I walk through palms and sun
      2 hours body weight training, learning some new skills, getting some fresh air in from the sea and getting lots of sun in
      35 min walk back where I can again listen to audible or talk to some chicks. Daaamnnn I will miss Barcelona hahaha
      for those who care, I do the recommended routine from r/bodyweightfitness

      Now plz poker upswing, need maney :)
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • damn already 10 days since last update!
      let's see what happened
      grinding - did grind solid volume, I focussed on playing the best 4 tables I can find and I did make better decisions but right now I'm just fucking tilted cuz it's dumb how I run.
      I mostlikely also make mistakes, probably even horrible mistakes but I should be able to win on 4 really good nl100 tables.
      theory - did some theory after the last update and it clicked a couple times but then I didn't continue to do it daily. from what I should have been doing this year I have probably done 1/3. Somehow I don't get that motivated to do theory in downswings right now. Maybe I need to go more broke lol. j/k gonna try do get myself to do my daily stuff.
      fitness - as I said I'm doing calisthenics now and I really love it. I'm weak as fuck but I'm making progress. Had the best workout ever yesterday, just very focussed on my technique, things were going better, felt really good. Also working some more on stretching atm
      game - didn't talk to new girls yet. not a big focus but I should do the things that I know are right, if I don't make it a big deal and talk to all the cute chicks I see on the way home I can easily do 5 a day without much extra time spent. if. :D

      Didn't touch anything videogame related and since I'm vegan now I want to make sure you guys know it too :D :D

      Also gained about 1.5kg this month which is about what I planned.

      I just filtered and looks like I have made some coins since last update. for how I run this looks alright :D

      Overall graph is not so pretty tho

      Since you can actually cure aids by getting cancer I wish you a happy Sunday eating dick and getting fucked in the ass!


      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • small update
      January not great $wise
      rest was good
      I was reading the beginning of the blog to see how I got myself to do more productive stuff and I changed my schedule a little bit now.
      Grinding is the first thing I want to do in the day, after that gonna go out and game for 2h hours and rest of the day is fitness and/or theory for 2-3 hours after that free time or another session.

      no video games or related content!
      broke my vegan diet for 3 days with quattro formaggi pizza (they added honey on top of it. holy fuck! ) :D Accidentally got high 3 days in a row.
      Anyway, never decided to be strictly eating vegan. but 95% is better than 20%

      vegan graph

      I was mainly focussing on theory and procrastinating while avoiding to jump out of the window.

      Girls usually love to be choked. However, no girl actually told me "I love how you choke me, daddy."
      I have some choking strat down, I think it's better than average but apparently not mindblowing and I'd like some input on how you choke your girls.

      So.. how do you chok'em?

      Happy Wednesday
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • For most of humanity we had an extremely limited amount of sexual partners. Often just 1.
      Likewise we didn't have enough to eat, at least not year round, so we ate whatever came up.
      Our bodies and minds are probably not laid out for all these modern trends like "how to best choke girls" and "veganism".
      Maybe partially to blame for increased depression rates that people fuck around but don't have a reliable partner anymore.

      Anyway, you can choke the muscles (can go solid grip, back of the throat), the arteries (light grip, side of the throat), or the airways (dangerous, don't do it).

      I am not a doctor and this is not investment advice.
    • I think sticking with an awesome woman is super cool. In todays world it's actually highly likely that you'll find one even if you grew up in a shitty "tribe" so there is a little more room for sexual partners. I don't disagree tho that it can be a problem for mental health if things get too crazy.

      nice didn't know the muscle choke thing. :D

      Yea don't choke airways women prefer to be choked out by loss of blood supply not air.


      gonna chok'em

      btw was thinking of a more stable life but atm not really craving that. It would probably be easier to find some super awesome 10/10 gurl and choking many more on the way by building a more complex social circle and having a homebase instead of going around cold approaching women and moving cities all the time.
      It has a lot benefits but I couldn't really figure out how to go about it yet (not that I have spent much serious thought on it but it has been on my mind)

      I'm not an advisor for choke-tactics :speechless:
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • Yo sup
      I'm doing good with the no videogame challenge so far, not even thinking about it much anymore.
      I'm not using my time very efficiently tho. I kinda take too long for everything I'm doing besides poker. ^^ However I'm doing better, still running shit but it is what it is.
      Also just came to a realisation that I was very upset about my financial losses last year, I thought I don't care but I kinda really did. Just lost a lot of potential there and these thoughts held me back in many things I wanted to do.
      Anyway I realised that I can always earn money back but the time spent is just gone. Forever. And although I didn't spend my time perfectly well I got a shit ton out of my time with traveling, pimping and even starting that business it's hard to get so many experiences in one year.

      Realising that felt like it took a lot of pressure off of myself.

      So.. actually I feel amazing but things are not going too well xD

      I can always do more in poker, but I can actually do much more, doing good theory tho so I'm at least getting better.
      When working out I hurt my right leg and I'm scheduling a doctors appointment atm. But it's obv a great excuse to skip legs :D Other areas I'm getting stronger

      Also approached a couple honeys when I was out going somewhere. I felt super relaxed going up. Finally back in the zone, like a smooth pimp :D It's just mindset...
      The third one was some Model from Uzbekistan and she was digging it, she wanted to grab some snacks and invited me to come along so we can drink some wine. Was kinda just walking home from working out but ok whatever :D
      It went pretty well and I wanted to take her home after that but she had some things to shop and I really needed to take a massive shit. :D We made plans for later and exchanged numbers.
      Her plan for this day was to throw on some high heels and be pretty in a club or whatever. I like the high heels part :D
      So yea scheduled exact time and location over text and then she mentioned that she met some russian dude who coming to the club too. Our plan was to meet at a bar and then go to the club. So I didn't care much because I assumed It'll go very well in the bar and I just pull her and fuck her.
      ... When we met up she told me the dude will be coming to the bar as well, I let her know that this is a bit weird but whatever....
      This tells me to never ever let a women dicide what's going on in that situation, I have just never experienced anything good from giving up the lead. Here it goes from an extremely good interaction to an extremely random interaction really fast.
      I should have probably made sure she is ditching him right there but I kinda just went with it. On one hand I was sure it's super hard for her to bring a cooler dude and on the other hand still a bit insecure/ thrown off by this randomness.
      Usually in game if you are just focussed on banging her at the end of the night it's a very easy solution to just be social/ cool, go with the flow and stay in the interaction. I guess this turned into my default response from the early days :D

      It went alright, in the bar just talked to her as if the dude wasn't there, same in the club but it's still fucked up because of this subtle battle between us. I never thought I would be in a situation like that. What normally happens when there are other dudes is that you get along with the girl and then the dude is history, you get closer etc and it's all good. However, this time the girl actually set that up and at some point she was way too neutral towards us and then even dumb me realised she is playing a stupid game and I obv don't wanna be around girls like that.

      Basically was just a random dude that talked to her on the same day. He was a cool dude but didn't have game really, just relying on paying her shit the whole night and being nice. And at some point it was pretty clear that she was digging me. I was just carefree and authentic the whole time, made sure we skip the long ass line and was just social. When she was gone to toilett and I was alone with the dude, I obv didn't know what the fuck I should do with him so I talked to a group of 4 or 5 people with 2 girls and rest guys. The guys were quickly gone and I just had some fun with the girls, telling them some fucked up stories and whatnot. Girl came back and I introduced them with a joke, the girls were obv hooked on me like on crack but wished them a good night at some point.

      She was laughing her ass of for what a fucking asshole I was, telling them I broke up with my girlfriend 2 weeks ago. I told them the reason was I crashed my girlfriends car into a tree and accidentally killed our 2 children like that so she broke up with me and therefore I came to Barcelona to hit on some girls to get over it.
      Imo one of the best stories I ever came up with. Quite belivable, makes them almost cry and has a good "wtf did he just say" if you tell it very casually but a bit sad.

      After they were gone I noticed her being quite attracted from her bodylanguage and how she looked at me when I didn't look at her. She found her PIMP.

      However, as she was still keeping it neutral and playing her shitty game I told her I approached her to meet her and not some fucking dude and this little thing she is doing here is just not my thing. She told me that we can hang out all day tomorrow but she can't leave with me and leave the dude here.
      At this point I really didn't want to fuck her anymore I felt like something has to be said so I just said whatever came to my mind. There were probably better solutions so that we could leave the club and hang out 1on1 but at least I was authentic so that I can learn from that.
      So just ditched her at that point, by this point the dude had already complimented me for my pimp skills and even tried to bring me back to her LOL. He accepted the friendzone frame :D I just went on with the night and approached some more girls and then went home.

      Quite happy I had a good night with all that shit thrown at me and then sticking to what I think is right.

      A couple takeaways for myself:
      1) It's acutally super easy to feel relaxed and go up to stunners and make it work
      2) For this reason it's also no big deal to ditch them if it doesn't work out in the slightest way
      3) This night felt like I was doing fun things while I'm there with a girl (so in this aspect she didn't have any control over me, which is why this night out actually felt pretty good) and I just saw many spots that I was struggling a bit with but I can fix it right now by just allowing myself to absolutely dominate those situations where I'm a bit unsure of what I should say. I think the pure act of executing what I think I should do and then seeing what I come up with will teach me a lot.

      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^

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    • rigged31 wrote:

      Hello lustigerMOlch which Content do you used to get your pick up carear startet? Why you are not into it anymore. Do you hired a Coach in the beginning?

      Greetings the rigged guy
      Hey what's up.
      I'm very much into it, I just can't put much extra time into it for the next couple months and I was in really bad mindsets the last couple weeks- months regarding myself.

      I started with "becoming the natural" from RSD Max, he put a lot effort into it and the first 2 months of my pick up journey I watched one video, made notes and went out to do exactly what he said, then went home, checked how I did and the next day I repeated the whole process with a new video. I also tried to focus only on this one product for a start to not overload myself with random information. I was really happy with my progress in this time and still am (I'm not affiliated or anything, it's just my honest opinion/ experience).

      I was coached by RSD Derek last year for a weekend in Helsinki but I also have a pretty smooth buddy that I travel with sometimes, I'd say he is at or at least very close to instructor level. To give a good review of the bootcamp I'd need to see what happens if I take more action, he is easily one of the sickest dude regarding life and game but what I took away wasn't really clicking immediately to be totally honest (it made sense but it didn't show in what I did). So still focussing on those key points but it looks good. I think after taking a couple steps back it kinda clicked the last days. Will take some more action and then see if I write a report on that.

      His free content is also extremely helpful.

      My favorite ones are the 2 hour interview with Julien and the mastermind with Sean.
      If you want to check it out I'd recommend to see the audiomasterminds first and then check out his random youtube stuff.
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • haha was on the way back from my workout today... was skipping so many hot girls that were by themselves and I guess I did the typical Felix move in that situation and saw a milf who was out with her ~8yo son and 15-16yo daugther, went into the shop and then talked to her xD Unfortunately she wasn't really digging it, I had so many killer lines in the back of my head what a pitty :D anyway did some more approaches after that but not much going on today :D
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^