Daddy is Home

    • Glad you enjoy it :)

      Sure I can tell you some stuff about that.

      The first time I heard about pick up was when I was 18. I was really nerdy and shy, I didn't really take action but what I learned is that it is possible to talk to girls etc. So when I was drunk in a club I could sometimes make out with a girl lol.
      I also had my first girlfriend with 18.
      When I moved to Edinburgh with ~24 I met some dude who I travel sometimes with now and who has become one of my best friends. He was doing pick up since a couple years and we just chatted about life and girls a lot after grinding and he mentioned pick up.
      It took me another 2 years to really get started. It was February 2017.
      I basically couldn't believe that I make decent money and my life isn't what I expected it to be so something needed to change. I had like no decent girls in my life and that sucked and I knew that I can change it since I knew about pick up. So I started going out.

      Like I said I started with that course, watched a video, went out and did it, next day, next video, also you can meet people that do game in facebook groups in most major cities. I went out with them a lot, but you have to be careful because although there are some really good dudes it's most of the time the blind leading the blind :D It's just good to find some people to get your ass out and do game, with some I became friends of course. My progress was really good, I felt like I was doing better every time and got one step closer to banging a girl from game every day.
      In the first 6 months of doing game I had some pretty smooth progress and then I started struggeling here and there but that also just made me more grounded etc.
      And I had the coaching a couple months ago and like I said still need to work out some things and get the key points (allowing myself to relax more etc) into my brain and see how it turns out.

      How good was I before pick up?
      I was a fucking creep man :D I had sex with 6 girls before that which is not too bad I guess, 2 of them being a girlfriend and 4 randoms but how I interacted with girls was so creepy, it basically just worked out when all my advancements were accepted. If they weren't I didn't know what to do and still moved forward. It creeps me the fuck out when I think back haha. But I was an action taker. When I got massively drunk I talked to the whole club three times xD

      Now after starting game I had sex with 23 more girls in the last 2 years. It's not a massive number for the time I put in, not that it has to be :D It's one new one per month on average but the quality definitely increased by a lot towards the end :D
      Also somehting to note here is that it is much easier to bang cute girls that you meet normally through social circle, so I was quite shocked at the start what kind of low quality girls I was able to attract. At least that was my journey, it was weird having a baller place making 5k a month on average and bringing some fucked up girls home from the shittiest club in town. It's interesting. :D :D

      The most important thing imo is that you go out regularly. If you do 3 approaches every day for a couple months you'll just see massive improvements no matter what.

      Also don't expect to be a pimp after 1-2 years, 2 years is nothing. From what I see most people become really solid after like 4-5 years if they went out regularly. I had some great results but I wouldn't consider myself really good or anything like that.
      However if this is one thing that you really want and you have the time etc. You can move to a major city that is good for pick up and do your 20+ approaches every day get coached here and there and you might become a fucking pimp in 1-2 years time.
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    • found a funny line on r/tinder a couple days ago

      basically was clubbing today and when we went out I just tapped some fuuucking hottie on the shoulder and put my hand in front of her so she can take it. We started talking on the way out and "my line" kinda fit because I was giving her some compliments and she reacted very good to it, I said "you gonna kill me with love" she laughed and I went in close to say to her ear "I wanna die inside you, like an aborted baby" xDDD

      but lost this girl on the taxi ride home :( it got kinda flat in the taxi, I was too sure of myself to bang her and then she decided to jump out at some train station to drive home. This was about 20 mins after I met her. Just took her hand, talked 2min, grabbed jacket, spent 5 mins in front of taxis, walked 5 mins, took taxi home. I went out of the taxi with her and still tried to pull but couldn't make it work. We exchanged numbers and made plans for Monday but I don't really give those things a high chance.

      When I sit in a taxi in those situations I should just talk non stop about random shit, kinda have to keep the energy up in those quick pulls and 2nd thing is change her mood not her mind. I wasn't very good at that. Instead of trying to pull her away from the train station at the end, could have just been there with her and talking more, getting her mood up etc and then try again and repeat until it is burned or it works, fuck numbers.
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    • I wanna die inside you, like an aborted baby" xDDD

      :) hahaha you think thats a good line? Sounds creppy and needy in my opinion and not very maskuline. She has to think what a weird Freak doesn't she? I think she can't trust you enough to fck you after this. No matter how much attraction there is. Parts of her brain will still work.

      What is the gameplan behind this? What is the Benefit of freaking out like this?

    • it's just some obnoxious banter that you can have in the first couple minutes. I didn't think much of it but if I have to break it down jokes about pregnancy, babys etc have emotional relevance in every culture. Same goes with marriage, religion and politics btw.

      A basic "pick up" consists of a lot of emotional spikes/ chaos in the first couple minutes and then you transition to some more comfort talk, get to know eachother stuff while leading throughout. You sprinkle that in at the start too but it's more like 80% emotional spikes 20% comfort ("where are you from btw?" etc) and later it's about 80% comfort and 20% emotional spikes. Emotional spikes generate value and comfort creates trust AND too much value deminishes comfort and too much comfort diminishes value.

      So at the start you want to have some emotionally relevant banter because it's also easier to transition from value to comfort than the other way around if you want to fuck her.

      Basically at this stage it's very obvious that nothing is ment super serious. I could tell her I love her, she knows it's bullshit but it'll still give her a good emotion. It obv depends a lot on how you say it, you can also creep her out with that haha.
      So "I wanna die inside of you" is a very extreme statement of closeness/ love and "like an aborted baby" just adds some humor to it and takes pressure off of the original statement.

      We had some good banter going on really quick so this was like 1-2 mins into the interaction and this also made clear that I'm probably more emotionally compelling than any other dude that she has talked to that night (She was laughing super hard). After that I went to get my jacket and went outside with her.

      You don't need to do it and exactly this joke is hard to fit into conversations really but I felt like it would fit and I went with it. You can just go up and be chill and cool, that's fine, most of the time that is actually the best way (or I'm stiff and don't know what to say instead lol). If it clicks it clicks.

      And if she is super into you it's not really worth it to bring more fucked up jokes, it's risky (and you screen girls out with that, which makes it actually less risky to waste 30mins with girls you don't wanna hang out with anyway).

      How I fucked up the pull was basically that 15mins later in the taxi I took the situation for granted too much and just went into chill mode too much, not caring about some silence in our conversation which is pretty bad in such a high pressure situation for her, you take pressure off by just talking lightheartedly so she is not in her head doing realizations that this might be slutty or dangerous or some shit plus I accidentally asked her some things where she had real problems in the past with, kinda killing the vibe, bad luck I guess in that regard.
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    • this is way more complex than "on average you should have x sexual partners"

      There have always been differences in sexual partners throughout the hirachy in a Tribe or whatever. The top makes as many women pregnant as possible, the big middle blob settle for what is left over and the bottom tries to get one in if they can or just fucking dies and yes on average everyone has 5 partners or whatever it was. I just decided that I want to be the guy on top.
      With the whole protection thing it's getting quite funny tho because you are basically wasting time from an evolutionary standpoint with thinking you are reproducing although you are not and this can cause some drama and accidents. Imo the strongest argument against slaying pussy. So the only thing of the end result sex is pleasure. If you are healthy and create win/win situations and manage expectations right I think this can go very well for the purpose of pleasure. Rules are needed for people that are not able to do that tho.

      My longterm goal is not to slay 1k pussies but to become the guy who can slay 1k pussies and then the numbers will go up anyway so for me it's not even that much about the instant pleasure. I just want abundance in my life lol.
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    • lnternet wrote:

      lnternet wrote:

      For most of humanity we had an extremely limited amount of sexual partners. Often just 1.

      Is there any evidence, that humanity evolved monogamous?
      What if humanity had animal-like hierachies, with an alpha male on top, who gets all the girls, aka pimp? Also I heard that monogamy is a fairly recent social construct, which was invented to stabilize society, not sure of the source though :D.
    • I have no idea, just some loose concepts, why we might be more adapted to monogamy.

      1 - In animal groups with sexual alpha males, like lions and big apes, the males compete for strength, while females don't, so there is strong differentiation between males and females. Male lions and apes look quite different from females. But for humans, adult men and women looks not so different.

      2 - Human kids take an extremely long time to raise to maturity. Kids who have a strong family structure outperform those without.

      3 - You see wedding like ceremonies in most (maybe all?) cultures, even those on remote islands.

      I think you always have competition between incentives for monogamy and as-many-kids-as-possible, but for humans the incentive is much more to the monogamy side.

      Anyhow even the macro scale can't tell you what to do on a micro scale like yourself, it's just highly situational.
    • IMO that line of thought is moot because humans are different than any other species on the planet. We are universal explainers. Our choices depend very little on genetic information. That is why we can, if we want, do things completely counter to what our genetic information contains, like celibacy or sky diving.

      So the fact that our genes tendencially tell us to be monogamic matters very little.
    • lnternet wrote:

      lnternet wrote:

      For most of humanity we had an extremely limited amount of sexual partners. Often just 1.

      Somewhere in the early chapters (can't find the page) of his 2nd book (12 Rules for Life) Jordan Peterson mentions that we humans have probably double the amount of female ancestors in comparison with male ancestors.

      He argues that the females are the "selectors" and that creates the competition for the males.

      The bottom 50% (let it be 20% or whatever) of males were not allowed to reproduce and that was a driving factor for the evolution of humans (brain size, etc.).


      As I understand Jordan Peterson even today that's a driving factor for the motivation of man.

      If a young teenager (14-20) gets rejected over and over again what does he do?
      A lot of them start to work out in the gym ,
      or start to get interest in Pick-Up Artists, etc.
      or start to study hard like in China:


      In China, a country with millions more male than females: Young boys are working hard to get a good job, a house, a car, because women can 'expect' that, because they are allowed to do so as they have a lot of choices.
      It's really funny because it's one of Chinas modern problems: the bottom 10-15% (don't know the exact number) of chinese males can't find women, and are quite desperate. They blame past political decisions etc.

      Well is it really a problem?
      Research indicates that because of that e.g. the average in IQ in China will jump up in the next generation and the chinese economy will be boosted a lot from that.


      China is really a good example: For high political and economic leaders it's 'pretty normal' to have a 2nd wife + kids.
      The 1st wife even knows about that, but does accept it, as the man is caring for her (house + car + money + social privleges etc.).

      And the 2nd wife is also pretty happy.
      She accepts to not get married, but chooses the high power (modern Alpha) as he can provide a good life(-style) (house + car + money + social privleges etc.) over a dude from the middle class.

      Recent 20-30 years this trend got less in China (I guess middle class dude can provide a lot more than 30 years ago), but is still widely spread among the upper class there.
    • Interesting posts. Also I guess having abundance as the top lobster doesn't mean you can't stick to one woman. And there is also a mating strategy for women where they get pregnant from the good Alpha guy (most healthy, good genes, etc) and then raise the baby with some other dude (mostlikely without him knowing). This strategy also makes sure kids grow up in a family. I guess nowdays you see that strategy much less because of protection etc but the natural drive for this is real. (other strategy is to find a good compromise obv).

      Interesting with the 2nd wife in China etc. From my short term relationships I can very much say that girls don't really care if you fuck someone else. It's a bit more tricky in long term relationships, but if you make sure the girl is bi beforehand you can still fuck other girls together :D

      I'm in Edinburgh for March btw and booked Budapest for April and most of May.
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    • I come from Spain to Edinburgh and the first night I'm out some Spanish girl takes me home lol.

      It's interesting how things change. I remember a year ago it was super difficult for me to game in this club, maybe it was just a good night but I was just relaxed and didn't give a shit, got many girls giving me eye contact and just pulled them in to talk. Felt pretty easy.

      I guess one notable set was with some chick from US, I was not really in the zone just talking random shit to her, she got distracted by some random guy, pulled her back in, talked some more stuff and then lead her to the side of the smoking area just to build some compliance/ see how comfortable she is.
      Kept talking then the dude came with his buddy and her friend, kinda getting in my way. To me it looked like he wanted to game her he also tried to block me off but he was a bit drunk so wasn't really sure if he is some pua or just doing his thing. anyway gave him a little shove when he tried to get in my way, it was a bit too hard, could have just taken the hand of the girl and moved her. It looked like quite a random shove for outsiders. kinda just moved my arm but he got quite a push from that.
      Anyway, her friend then took her away, I could sense she was a bit protective, especially after I was a little to aggressive. It was a bit too reactive that is why it looked aggressive not dominant. Have to work on my shoving skills lol.
      found her 20mins later at some table and didn't really know what to say, my buddy told me to just get the number or somehting so I used that as a reapproach because I think differently. I went up to her telling her to get up and that my buddy told me to get her number and a bit about the situation with the guy and I saw her friend being a bit afraid and protective etc. She was super postive and told me her friend said to not hook up with someone tonight :D and she told me something like she has a boyfriend in the us and that she can't do numbers or something I don't really remember but I just ignored the boyfriend thing and told her "Yea no I don't take numbers. No numbers before sex." Immediately when I said that she got the shocked bambi eyes going, this always happens when you are fully authentic. I love it haha. They always become super shocked, aroused and comfortable at the same time :D Anyway, had no real killer instinct there although she was really hot. There were some of her friends coming in and her female friend dragging her away again, tried to befriend her but she really kept an eye on her so kinda lost this one after another 5mins.
      Then just derped around and talked to some girls on the dancefloor. Saw some cute chick with sexy glasses, kinda like some secretary whore from a porn. I liked that so I told my buddy to go for them, closer in I wasn't so sure anymore and told him to just go for her. He introduced her to me anyway, we were dancing a bit, I said saome random stuff like where you from etc and then she started kissing me, usually I'm a bit careful because some just want validation and then fuck off after a quick make out so I made sure it's not a makeout session to nowhere and took her to the side to get to know her kinda. She was quite attached to her friend but it was like 1am. I just tried to pull after 10 mins, she was on and maybe I can make it sound reasonable for her to leave for 30-60 mins and bring her right back to her friends. She was telling me in front of the cloakroom she can't leave her friend without saying anything so I went to look for her friend with her. long story short she wanted her friend to have a good time too, so we let her smoke some shisha with some dudes and then went to hers. Same here when things got a bit tricky to organize she asked me to exchange instagram so she can message me later. So again "nah I don't give you my instagram. not going to let things fizzle out like that, maybe later" and then she started hustling to pull me. around 2:30 we finally left to hers. Not a girl I'm going to see again but was fun, she had some decent blowjob skills :D

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    • What's the crack, bitches!

      Just came back from i300 meeting.
      We have been on a mountain in Ireland and in front of a waterfall.
      We have sweated blood and tears in a cube battle where the Slut Whisperers turned around a close match in the last game of the night vs the Cunt Destroyers.
      We ordered steaks.
      We checked out some nightlife where I had many excusses to not take action and still did. A team Cunt Destroyers member scored more than I have seen him scoring the whole day, leading to some hot hot pussy!
      We had some epic hand reviews between Mid to Nosebleed stakes crushers and a follow up HU Battle for multiple dollars and many laughs.
      We even had a MTT player to make fun of, great organisational talent here from our host making sure every need is fulfilled!

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    • I feel like figuring out what to do to get better in poker or anything is not the real problem, I have learned this over the last years and seen many guys progressing, for me it has always been the problem to be consitent with it. I just grew up as an only child never had to do anything in my childhood, my sister didn't like it :D

      So I'm still not doing too well at the card game mostly because I put in too little focussed work but since I'm in Edinburgh I'm doing way better, just way less distractions and poker people around me which helps to keep my focus. And there is variance of course. Will be a great moment to post some good results in the future xD
      When I started playing eu sites again this year it was fucking hard to concentrate. I could barely do more than 2h of poker at a time. maybe grinding fortnite for a month or 2 fucked up my brain too much haha. Anyway much better now.

      Other than that I was working on my pimp career yesterday. Was clubbing the 3rd time since I'm in the uk. Kinda wanna go 1-2 times a week to keep my dick sharp.
      Couldn't pull an american girl because she got dragged away from her big friend, just here for a couple days, never been outside usa, can't leave friend. I could have made her go if things with her friend went well but the friend was crazy protective. She started telling her friend that she deserves dick tonight but that made her even more mad towards me haha. I tried to not finger her too much in the corner else I would get into weird spots when the friend saw it and I wanted to keep the tension up a little. Then 5 dudes came in and wanted to leap frog off of me trying to ask the girls if they are ok etc etc ... I told her friend to shut the fuck up because the girl and I got along super well and she was just being rude interupting us. The girl was on my side at all times so it actually worked and she apologized :D Was still not possible to pull her. Idk a weird spot for me. Can probably just keep it a bit more chill and hang out with them until club closes and see what happens. I didn't try to fuck her in the bathroom because there are some toilet guys in the UK taking care of things but could have just put 20gbp in his hand and told him to be cool and do my thing, well I was kinda seeding it but then her friend came in, I guess I was still just not sure about it at that point, too small balls :D In this moment there didn't seem to be another option, her friend really hard no'ed everything. Well eventually I fucked off. But she was really my type fuck :D
      Then found some girls we approached earlier but on both sides it didn't really work out well so we just swapped this time and it worked lol. Got along good, not my dream girl haha but set up the plan to go to hers and "chill" obv she knows whats up, were already making out etc then went outside with them, her friend didn't wanted to fuck my friend so she convinced my girl to go home alone as well. -,-
      After that just talked to some chicks in front of the club and 2 had the same way home as I. One of them was of the not so attractive category so not worth it for my buddy to join, so just went with them. The girl had nice boobs but kinda just a basic bitch. She was funny when I insulted her tho so we got along well. On the crossing to my road I wasn't sure again if I want to and if I can pull her really so kinda just halfassed it and if they come they come if not I didn't really care, her friend wasn't too on board either and just wanted to get home (got along with her but just to little time etc). Girl wanted my number and I was like oook and even there her friend was pushing to go home.


      Anyway super happy with the night. Being back at the same venues here in Edinburgh just shows me how much progress I made. :D
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • Quite a long time since I have been updating. Haven't had a reason really.
      Did theory work most of the time, some grinding (went bad) and worked out, also went clubbing 1-2 a week.
      Didn't hook up with another girl, kinda just saw the girl that I met on the first night out and couldn't say no :D

      I was surprised how cool Edinburgh actually is. When I left a year ago I kinda hated it. Still a little too cold for me but great city after all :D

      I'm in Budapest now since a couple days. Just got some Airbnb very close to the party area but I'm really surprised how fugly all those girls are. It's horrible.
      Went out one full night and then decided after that to just go after grinding for like 30-60 mins and see what's left in the gutters. It's fun being out and talking some shit even if you talk to people you don't want to fuck but yea.
      Looks like the famous touristy places are not our target market :D
      However there have to be hot girls somewhere. I did my research. We'll see next week.

      Anyway did some tinkering in my airbnb, that's my set up now :D

      I focus a bit more on grinding right now, did loads of theory in Edinburgh now wanna get into the habit of grinding more, then adding in some more theory again. This month looks good so far. won 300eur in some tourney and up a couple buy ins on nl100.

      I also did a choke opener today.
      Was joking around with a buddy that it has to be done, I have been doing game for 2 years and never choked a girl right from the approach. Almost went for a fatty but I was unsure, cuz if she likes it I have to fuck her and that's not what I want. But I saw an opportunity coming up on the dancefloor. She rejected me but it's actually not that hard. You just need to hold eye contact, smirk and move slowly. I think I broke the frame when I pulled her in (broke eye contact, was trying to talk into her ear) and then she got a little uncomfortable with the situation.

      I keep you updated once I find more money or hot bitches.
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • yo
      just came back from a night out, usually a good time for updating :D
      I'm happy about my workout routine now. Everything has a reason to be in that routine now lol. I also do stretching almost every day (if I'm too sore I skip it for the day), stretching pretty intense atm just to make some progress with the weak parts of my body.
      I also didn't play any computer games yet btw :D very happy about it and after 4.5 months not playing anything I kinda feel some urge sometimes but I just realised if I just start and stop something I'll never make decent progress in the long run so that it can be worth anything (just like working out) and it is also not getting me anywhere in the future even if I'm good at it and then those urges stop pretty quickly. However I'm watching some streams sometimes to waste 3 hours at the end of the day lol. obv trying to not make that a habit. Usually I stop grinding and feel tired but I still manage to stay up 3-4 hours and do nothing. That's for sure the biggest part of my day that is wasted.
      Poker is going ok, I want to start doing more theory now, just gonna start with some more general stuff, just to do something every day. Without the occasional -7.5 buy in days I'd be pretty cool :D
      I think I can play some nl200 but I really just wanna have a solid nl100 month before I move up again. I put some post it notes on my bathroom mirror now to remind myself what I'm focussing on right now. Usually I put some structure to my goals/ life in an excel sheet but if you don't see it frequently you just forget about it and lose your focus. I'm basically just a lazy fuck that needs to be reminded of what's important to do :D
      I got a cold for 1-2 days recently but it already got better so I went out a couple times as well. Haven't been checking out the new spots since I was ill at the weekend but the spots I have been to are not too bad. Just need to get there a bit earlier, it's a big mix of people but there are some hot girls for sure.
      Nothing crazy happened. Had some good fun but wasn't too focussed on dragging girls home after getting over my cold lol. Just took some Spanish girls out of the club yesterday, were 3 girls and 1 guy and mine + the girlfriend of the guy were giving me massive shit but the playful kind of shit like "come on dance" and asking a lot stupid question, she was kinda annoying me at somepoint and I sent her away so I can just talk to my girl but was just difficult to get in the zone with her, they were super investigative lol, kinda childish. anyway my buddy couldn't take his girl home too so we just left them.
      Today I wish I was a bit more persistent with some girls, I found some really cool asian chick but we were 3 and I though that one guy wanted the asian chick so I didn't care much to move it anywhere with her but he didn't care much either and I was like fuark at the end :D But she was actually the kind of girl I wanna hang out with. We invented the condom-slingshot, just a normal slingshot but you take off the rubberband and replace it with a used condom to shoot your cum on somebody. She loved the idea, me too.
      At the end my buddy got tired and I convinced him that we insult 1 more girl before we go. Found a group "Hey we are pretty tired but we were just looking for some nice, innocent girls that we could insult before we go home to leave with a good feeling" just being authentic I guess :D Just kept on chatting, it was a group of 6-7 girls, kinda talked to everyone a little. There was some girl kinda starting to ask me questions so I know I'm in. "What do you do here?" "Just looking for some dumb sluts that I can fuck." explaining her that we just came from some other bar area and heard some good stuff was going on here. She took it well so I went ahead "...just like a sexual predator". We were laughing about it a little and then I took some cute girl from the group and pulled her in she kept holding my hand while talking so I went ahead and hugged and talked some romantic stuff into her ear xD escalating a bit. She liked me so just continued some obnoxious banter with her. Everything was cool I could talk to her 1on1, her friends didn't care so I went ahead and went to the bar with her. They thought I was joking hahaha. Idiots.
      But yea didn't pull her, she was a bit on the insecure side and I also didn't really built it up from there so that she could invest or at least feel some dick and know it's about getting laid tonight. Have to work on that. Went back to her friends chated with them a bit more they had more power over her so she went back inside with them.
      Anyway I feel like I'm having tons of fun just really saying what's on my mind and girls love it, compared to 5-6 months earlier where I had the same mindset but couldn't fully let it rip it's going much better now. Obv have to calibrate, just push it as much as they can take and talk about some normal stuff inbetween and you are all good.

      Gonna get my hour of stretching now and do some theroy, my sleep schedule is kinda fucked lol. maybe I should stop saying it's fucked it's just very consistently that I get up at mid afternoon :D

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