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      Glad you enjoy it :)

      Sure I can tell you some stuff about that.

      The first time I heard about pick up was when I was 18. I was really nerdy and shy, I didn't really take action but what I learned is that it is possible to talk to girls etc. So when I was drunk in a club I could sometimes make out with a girl lol.
      I also had my first girlfriend with 18.
      When I moved to Edinburgh with ~24 I met some dude who I travel sometimes with now and who has become one of my best friends. He was doing pick up since a couple years and we just chatted about life and girls a lot after grinding and he mentioned pick up.
      It took me another 2 years to really get started. It was February 2017.
      I basically couldn't believe that I make decent money and my life isn't what I expected it to be so something needed to change. I had like no decent girls in my life and that sucked and I knew that I can change it since I knew about pick up. So I started going out.

      Like I said I started with that course, watched a video, went out and did it, next day, next video, also you can meet people that do game in facebook groups in most major cities. I went out with them a lot, but you have to be careful because although there are some really good dudes it's most of the time the blind leading the blind :D It's just good to find some people to get your ass out and do game, with some I became friends of course. My progress was really good, I felt like I was doing better every time and got one step closer to banging a girl from game every day.
      In the first 6 months of doing game I had some pretty smooth progress and then I started struggeling here and there but that also just made me more grounded etc.
      And I had the coaching a couple months ago and like I said still need to work out some things and get the key points (allowing myself to relax more etc) into my brain and see how it turns out.

      How good was I before pick up?
      I was a fucking creep man :D I had sex with 6 girls before that which is not too bad I guess, 2 of them being a girlfriend and 4 randoms but how I interacted with girls was so creepy, it basically just worked out when all my advancements were accepted. If they weren't I didn't know what to do and still moved forward. It creeps me the fuck out when I think back haha. But I was an action taker. When I got massively drunk I talked to the whole club three times xD

      Now after starting game I had sex with 23 more girls in the last 2 years. It's not a massive number for the time I put in, not that it has to be :D It's one new one per month on average but the quality definitely increased by a lot towards the end :D
      Also somehting to note here is that it is much easier to bang cute girls that you meet normally through social circle, so I was quite shocked at the start what kind of low quality girls I was able to attract. At least that was my journey, it was weird having a baller place making 5k a month on average and bringing some fucked up girls home from the shittiest club in town. It's interesting. :D :D

      The most important thing imo is that you go out regularly. If you do 3 approaches every day for a couple months you'll just see massive improvements no matter what.

      Also don't expect to be a pimp after 1-2 years, 2 years is nothing. From what I see most people become really solid after like 4-5 years if they went out regularly. I had some great results but I wouldn't consider myself really good or anything like that.
      However if this is one thing that you really want and you have the time etc. You can move to a major city that is good for pick up and do your 20+ approaches every day get coached here and there and you might become a fucking pimp in 1-2 years time.

      You must have a very poor life. ;(
      Poor UnlustigerMolch.
    • @rigged31 Yea thought of blogging in German but part of the reason for going to the English section was that there were some English speaking poker buddies hitting me up in Skype asking how things are going for me etc, so I decided it would make sense to write an English blog :D
      All of my German buddies understand English anyway so it's no problem.

      @klabautermann right now you present yourself as a retard, maybe if you give me some more arguments we can have a serious discussion.
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^
    • Looks like daddy is too late to the party...

      ehhhhm let's see
      Won some money with poker last month :D just a couple hundred usd wohoo :D Could make so much more money but just don't have the drive to do all this shit again to get my BR up to 100k or whatever again :D Idk it's irrational but we'll see. I just totally stopped valuing money for my happiness years ago.. But if you have to worry about money it's also not good so there is some balance ... I also know poker is exciting to me if I'm focussed on it so I'll have to figure it out...

      I'll be going to Krakow next. I think it has a lot of upsides to have a homebase atm so I think I'll be moving there for a year so.
      It's a cheap and good city and it's awesome for game.
      Gonna book an apartment there for a month and then I'll start looking for a flat.

      Workout going good. Doing 2 more weeks with my current workout routine and then I'll do a rest week where I train just very light when I come to Krakow and optimize my routine a little bit for the next 6-8 weeks.
      Atm I can do 3x7 Pull ups, 3x6 Ring Dips, 3x14 push ups, 3x11 horizontal rows. Still not doing much squatting/ leg work since I pinched my sciatic nerve in Barcelona which lead to a knee injury or whatever way around. Knee is good since a while but still working on that sciatic nerve. It should be much better by the end of the month, if not I'll probably go to a PT again. Most of my stretching routine is based around hips and spine right now and I'll add in some stuff for shoulders very soon, same for prehabilitation work.
      My fitness goals for the next couple months are to work on all my weaknesses (knee, hips, shoulders, general posture) that I have accumulated over the years to have a healthy moving body and then focussing more on higher intensity strength work. I also want to start jogging hehe, my cardio is pretty bad, would like to work on that, just 15min in the morning or so, will increase my fuck mastery by a couple points. Once I'm done with my sciatic nerve I'll start working on full range of motion in my whole body and maybe do some yoga every day.

      I wasn't out much but had some funny interaction with a girl last week :D
      My buddy was talking to 2 girls and it went really well for him, unfortunately the first thing the other girl asked me was if I have VIP access (obv to get in there) didn't say much else, on top of that she was pretty disgusting as well so I happily moved on :D I somehow got in my head and started skipping approaches. It's hard alone sometimes. I just went to a different venue, nothing much going on ther at 2:30, went to next one and was packed, surprisingly with some fine girls as well. Was still in my head and then found 2 cute chicks, walked up to them "I was checking out the whole club and you girls are not fat, you fit my target market", starting off with a compliment :D
      the cute little blonde responeded "why do we fit your target market?"
      "because you are not fat"
      she says the most scripted rejection ever "This is very objective and we don't want to be treated like that. It's not right blabla. Good bye. I was having a little laugh and she asked if I think it's ok to treat women like objects?
      "Of course, I came over because you 2 look like my type of girls."
      She keeps talking something, the other girl is smiling at me, I ask her if her friend is always like this, we smile a bit and she tells her friend "he just told us that we are his type of girls.. :)" this was super cute hahaha
      The other girl is still talking and I just hear "equality" or something and ask her if she is a fucking feminist, I expected something like "yes etc etc" but she went full berserk mode "YOU WANNA TELL ME YOU ARE NOT A FEMINIST?? YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN EQUALITY??!!!"
      At this point I was just making fun of her. There was also a 3rd girl coming in which she immediately jumped on to make sure she knows I'm not a feminist etc :D her other friend still smiling at me - mayeb I chickened out, I thought there was not much hope in this set so I just told her "you seem normal but I'll just move on. bye ;)" - could have at least tried to save her from these creatures.

      Of course I was in the zone after that :D and used this little story to open the next girls. This was sooo confusing but mainly just because of me. First talked to 2 girls. The girl I wanted to chat to wasn't really speaking much english. So the other girl started to be into me and asked me lots of things. She was kinda cute tbh but anyway, I made sure that I hook the other one. We were having some good chat then and right when I hugged both some guy came doing some game :D I loved it because he reminded me of myself years ago. Weak body language, no great game but still taking action and doing the right things. I obviously had massive advantage in my position but he kept getting them into conversation. I was just chilling and telling my girl to give him her number in a cheeky way, I was still in hug with her and could talk shit into her ear all day long "tell him daddy got ya" :D Anyway he kept plowing and I started making fun of him and his friends who were far back just looking at him so he got stuck in his head and left ^^
      And then the fucking 9 comes into the set. I obviously have to switch to her. Blonde, tallish, cool style, just love. She was super interested in me and it felt like she was trying to get my full attention. At this point I had massive social proof because things went very good with the first 2 chicks and they brought more friends in, befriending all of them and sonn I'm standing there with 6-7 chicks all loving me. Pimping. :D HOWEVER I didn't really use the opportunities with the blonde chick so it never went sexual or whatever. We had really good chat and fun conversation but I never isolated her a little or started to be man to woman with her. So eventually they abruptly left to dance. I reapproached them twice more this night but throughout just taking the path of least resistance, super lame. At some point I kinda was dancing with them and it's weird as fuck. Everyone of them gave me the bambi eyes so I took off my jacket at some point and they just oculdn't stop looking :D Said to one girl "you like when I undress mhh?" and she is like "yeah.. ;)" and keeps checking me out. It was the girl I first wanted to talk to before the 9 came in (also bad here that I switched girls again, thats super dumb). Well then I told her to grab something at the bar with me and she was like "Nonono" I kinda tried a bit different but "nonono" it made no sense so I just gg'd out. If she can't go away with me for 5mins she will for sure not go home with me. Could have went much better and was totally my fault. should have just pulled the 9 in when she started talking to me, getting her closer to me and then just taking her 1 meter away from the group when I start thinking about it, creating a 1on1 bubble with her. It's the 5th 9 in the last 3-4 months now that I didn't pull because of some dumb shit. Really annoying.

      Peaccceeeee <3
      du bist einfach so ein menschenverachtender Volltrottel. Hf mit deinen 100K, vllt schämst du dich in 10 Jahren genau wie 9/10 Lesern hier für deine Beträge du sicker Gamer^^^^^^

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