Bluffcatching Spot With TP

    • Bluffcatching Spot With TP

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 50NL 6-max on MG, anonymous. HERO is BU with K :diamond: Q :diamond: , 167.5BBs effective. CO fishier dude (~most likely~) with 92BB.

      UT folds
      MP raises to 3BB
      CO calls
      BU HERO calls
      SB folds
      BB folds.

      FLOP (10.5BB) : 5 :spade: Q :heart: 6 :diamond: . MP checks, CO checks, BU HERO bets 6BB, MP calls, CO calls.
      TURN (28.5BB) : 9 :diamond: . MP checks, CO checks, BU HERO checks.
      RIVER (28.5BB) : 6 :club: . MP bets 15.5BB, CO folds, BU HERO calls.

      Linecheck??? A few Q's about P R E F L O P (mostly because HERO and MP are deeper) :

      1) A 3bet preflop is probably better with a weaker player involved...?

      2) Had CO wasn't involved in the hand, would 3-betting MP's open be better then? I'm unsure which line is better and why - 3-betting > most likely getting rid of the blinds, sometimes get folds right away from MP, sometimes get called and go post flop with a decent hand, sometimes get 4-bet and most likely have to continue and potentially get the stack in OR calling > sometimes getting to go MW postflop with a pretty good hand, most likely being ahead of blinds' ranges, also bigger SPR with MP so more room to play postflop....?

      I want to believe i don't get myself really unsure preflop that often, but here, i must admit, i'm pretty lost, so don't crucifix me if the spot actually is pretty obvious / straight-forward, but the good/correct approach is really what's interesting 2 me :)

      Thank you very much for responses!!! :)
    • Without fish, KQs is whatever. Call is good, 3bet is good.

      With fish, I think about it like this
      a) vs MP, 3bet and call are similar, so doesn't matter
      b) vs fish, 3bet is clearly best
      --> in sum, 3bet

      Flop is good
      Turn just bet again. You can size your hand strength (like smallish, maybe 1/2), and MP won't do anything about it (like bluff raise) because fish is behind.
      River, MP is not bluffing. He looks like AQ or KQ. Stupid spot.. don't think you can fold.