Tricky(?) Spot In SRP BvB

    • Tricky(?) Spot In SRP BvB

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 50NL 6-max on MG, 4-handed. HERO is SB with Q :club: 9 :diamond: , 196.5BBs effective. Villain is BB, another of those (i assume good) aggressive regulars.

      CO folds
      BU folds
      SB HERO raises to 3BB
      BB calls.

      FLOP (6BB) : 9 :heart: 8 :heart: 2 :diamond: . SB HERO bets 4.5BB, BB calls.
      TURN (15BB) : K :spade: . SB HERO bets 9.5BB raises to 26.5BB, SB HERO calls.
      RIVER (68BB) : T :diamond: . SB HERO checks, BB bets 66BB, SB HERO folds.


      Thank you for responses! :)
    • If you have a raise or fold strategy on SB raise is fine, although it gets a lot worse once we start to get deeper. Actually I am not sure about this, but for @200 do we start to strongly prefer a limp strategy @Internet?

      Flop I think you should check, the board will get ugly most of the time, you will not be able to value bet efectively. Your 2pair outs ar also meh. Also, protection is not that much since 2overs to the board almost never fold. And of course, 200bbs deep make your case for betting even worse if villain knows how to use the stack depth to apply pressure (which most 50nl regs don't).

      Turn, depending on how wide do you think villain calls flop, we are barely over 50% equity against villain continuing range, even if we assume he raises all sets/2pair on the flop. So we probably cannot value bet again. So we should XC. Against raise, not sure, he reps K9/K8 and ocasional slowplay. Some draws, some of them combo draws. And he will bet river often i think (when they decide for the uncommon line of call flop/raise turn IP with bluff they like to keep being aggressive because of the "fancy play"). And we are kinda on the bottom of our value betting range, I think we should probably fold. Continue with nut FD, pair+FD, combo draw and Kx+.

      River is good luck. You have a bluffcacther. Villain can value bet K8+ like this I think. Some of his bluffs hit the T which they might check (T7s, QT). I'd fold.
    • poop_scoop wrote:

      Actually I am not sure about this, but for @200 do we start to strongly prefer a limp strategy @Internet?
      Raising is mostly worse from the case where he 3bets (we can't 4bet as much vs the same 3bet range deeper OOP, so his 3bets have more EV and he 3bets more)
      Limping is mostly worse from limp-3bet when he calls (because we can't play as well 3b pot OOP deep, so his call 3b have more EV and he calls 3bets more)

      All other spots are kinda similar in EV as the depth is not a relevant factor.

      Which of those 2 weighs more? Probably the first, because he can 3bet lots IP, but you don't have to 3bet so much OOP. So tend more towards limping when you are deeper.