z25 vs flop XR

    • Not sure, the more i think about this hand, the more i'm leaning towards actually calling it down :

      1. Normally we can sometimes give villain a bit of slowplayed combos preflop, but MOST of those infrequent times it's vs UT open or something, here SBvCO i think TT+ are get 3bet like 99.99% of the time;
      2. Since villain x/r the flop he did polarized his range right there, so he's essentially saying that for value he has either big overpair (i'm ruling that out) or 5x and what 5x are there? 2xA5s, 2x56s, that's about it, 4-5 combos or so, not to mention he certainly don't have to call them all, other may fold or 3bet;
      3. You don't block any of potential FDs, also i think it's even better to have Jx than say KK, because the hand strength is pretty much the same, but with Jx you actually block the unlikely JJ... EDIT : gave it more thought and i think that i did miss one hand that is possible for the villain - AJ, which makes it closer, but still not sure about folding..

      Looking to hear others thoughts! :)

      P.S. i like your avatar :D

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    • thanks @chief for your input :)

      Haha thanks regarding the avatar :D
      Yeah I agree that he is very very polarized here and there really aren't many, or at least there shouldn't be many 5x in his range from preflop.
      Just feels like I don't really have to call that wide on the river to defend my range properly. I do have enough AJ, QQ+, Sets/Boats in my range here that I don't have to defend KJ to reach MDF in my range I guess. So it would be more of an exploitive call I guess but I don't really have any info that he would bluff too wide in this spot.
    • Easy call on the river, he has nothing. What are you afraid of?

      needtolearn wrote:

      I would definitely fold KJ with a spade on the river, not so sure about this combo.
      I think this is a framework error. Sure, blockers matter. But here his value range is ~0 combos and his potential bluff range is at least a couple FDs, probably more. So it doesn't matter if you block a few of a FDs, it's just a call with every hand that beats bluffs.