Turning old into new - Pokermarket 2.0

    • Turning old into new - Pokermarket 2.0

      Dear Pokermarket Community,

      the fundamental structure is changing here at Pokermarket.

      We want to extend a warm thank you to all users who made it possible to build such a great community.

      Pokermarket has been our baby. We invested a lot of time and money, especially at the beginning, but then continuously throughout the years. Unfortunately the poker market overall did not develop positively. Addiotionally, we (Paul @lnternet, Flo @flow and myself) had less and less time to advance the "PokerMarket" project next to other projects. Nonetheless, we can look back at and awesome, instructive and exciting PokerMarket project.

      Especially memorable is the PokerMarket event in Berlin at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, where we met many of you in person.

      The poker market is in a constant state of change and in the last months we couldn't keep up any more due to our limited time resources to provide enough power to create a 100% satisfying environment for you. Therefore we decided to hand over our baby to someone who has the necessary know-how, a suitable network and a lot of experience in the field. The new boss is @jonas, who is already involved in other big poker businesses.

      We are sure that he is the right man for the necessary turnaround and wish him all the best and much success with Pokermarket 2.0 :)
    • Hello and at the same time Goodbye!

      The last 4 years with you, the project PokerMarket and of course the whole team @lnternet, @mukzr, @painlezz, @ sleeper1979 were incredible!

      We always operated PM on a part-time basis. Other projects have gained more and more focus over time. Exactly this time was lacking for PM.

      The site (still) has a lot of potential and luckily will be continued, expanded and hopefully improved by @jonas.

      We will still be part of the forum and we will also post, but we will no longer be operationally involved. So we have not completely disappeared from the scene.

      I sincerely hope that PokerMarket will continue to be the antidote to the big companies, liberal, uncensored and honest.

      Goodbye and GL!

    • Dear PokerMarket Community!
      My name is Jonas and I am the new owner of PokerMarket.
      I would like to introduce myself for those, who aren`t yet familiar with me :)
      I am from Germany and am 28 years old. I started playing poker at the age of 18 (maybe even a little bit earlier :P ) and I immediately became inflamed with passion about the card game. During my studies (Master in Economics) I turned my passion into my occupation and settled down in the poker affiliation business. I have worked as a poker affiliate for five years and command in the meantime a great network and strong partners.
      In PokerMarket, I see a chained tiger. A company and a community of poker player with tremendous potential, that couldn’t get unfold completely for reasons already mentioned earlier. But this is going to change from now onJ!

      My vision is, together with you, to put breath into PokerMarket again. I want to build an active forum, providing great poker content, establishing a social-media presence (Youtube, Twitch etc.) and offering high value RakeBack Deals.
      As we all know, there is no change with words alone, and you are judged on deeds:

      That’s why from January 2019 onwards, PokerMarket will offer a €25.000 Main Race with 172 paid rankings in total and Top3-Prizes of €4500, €3000 and €2000.
      Furthermore, every player who creates a new account in January and deposits at least €50 at Redkings or TonyBet (pokersite of TonyG) will get another €50 in cash paid via Skrill or PayPal without having any payout limitations. Thus, especially our smaller grinders will be pleased with a €50 free Bankroll and are able to dive into the poker world risk-free. Feel free to inform your friends about this new promotion as well.

      Last but not least, I would like to mention that I am always open to criticism and productive proposals and I want to improve PokerMarket together with the community. I myself am full-time integrated in the operating business and am available for you daily.

      Good Luck at the tables and always strong hands,

    • I like this site and was quietly visiting it for years. I always thought and still think that the members here are producing and making an enjoyable chat & trade atmosphere no matter who is or was behind this site.

      That and the wish to be creative and contributive myself made me just registering now to join the ride more.

      I wish everyone involved and the members a further successful and healthy time @ pokermarket