NL100 - How to defend vs. squeeze

    • NL100 - How to defend vs. squeeze

      SB: $105.72 (105.7 bb)
      BB: $197.20 (197.2 bb)
      Hero (UTG): $101.50 (101.5 bb)
      MP: $440.38 (440.4 bb)
      CO: $635.74 (635.7 bb)
      BTN: $261.18 (261.2 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is UTG with A A
      Hero raises to $3, MP calls $3, CO calls $3, 2 folds, BB raises to $15, Hero?

      I think these kind of spots occur pretty often, but Im still not sure how the best defense strategy looks like. Here are some random thoughts:

      - do I want to have a callingrange?
      - if yes, should AA be in there?
      - which 4bet size should I use (small or direct jam)?
      - which hands make sense to play 4bet/fold?
      - which is the worst hand I want to 4bet-jam?

      My range from UTG: 33+,A2s+,K9s+,Q9s+,J9s+,T9s,98s,87s,76s,65s,ATo+,KJo+,QJo (#260, 19.6%)

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    • zatox11 wrote:

      I think these kind of spots occur pretty often, but Im still not sure how the best defense strategy looks like. Here are some random thoughts:

      - do I want to have a callingrange?
      - if yes, should AA be in there?
      - which 4bet size should I use (small or direct jam)?
      - which hands make sense to play 4bet/fold?
      - which is the worst hand I want to 5bet-jam?

      My range from UTG: 33+,A2s+,K9s+,Q9s+,J9s+,T9s,98s,87s,76s,65s,ATo+,KJo+,QJo (#260, 19.6%)
      Great hand and strategy example! I wonder about such spots as well and feel that my game plan is not properly constructed in this area yet.
      I will however respond with some things that I think are theoretically correct to do in such spots.

      1) Yes, you definitely want calling range. If you are just folding or 4 betting (with shove or smaller) you need to be very aggressive with your overall opening range to make it work. With 19.6% this will be difficult to accomplish because opponents squeeze needs to work 61.22% of the time (15 for 24.5bb to win). Also he squeezed vs 3 not vs 2 opponents which would lean more towards value rather then bluffs. I would lean towards flatting hands that are value (TT-QQ perhaps include 99 in there as well) then hands that play well vs his perceived squeeze range (SCs will play better then KQs for example as he has AK AQ KQ KK QQ in his squeeze range that block your outs and you have reverse immplied odds when you do hit, AJs-AKs and AQ-AK are also hands that you could play with mix strategy (flatting and 4 betting)

      2) AA should definitely be there theoretically speaking because if it is not, your range becomes very capped and opponent will always rep KK+ post flop knowing that you never have it. This is why I would use mix strategy with AA and KK , with 3 combos each for defend/calling and 4 betting!

      3) It depends what his squeeze range is in this spot. If he has bluffs to value ratio 2:1 then he folds 66% of the time and calls 33-34%. For your shove to work opponent needs to fold 78.54% of the time for ATC 4 bet shove which in reality will be very difficult. However, 4 betting NAI with 2x would be far more profitable and if opponent has polarized squeeze range he will fold to 2x 4 bet anyways OOP so you will accomplish same thing. So I would still use 4 bet NAI here with both value and bluff. Only reason to 4 bet shove here AA is if opponent squeezes super tight in such spots (QQ+ AK) then I would shove here KK+ range and fold out to such squeeze all the rest of the hands!

      4) Excellent question, one that I did some work on. Always in my opinion you should 4 bet hands that block opponents value range. So if opponent has QQ+ AK here for value, then obviously KQ would be ideal for 4 bet bluff because it blocks AK KK and QQ; AQ is also great candidate, AJ as well. To determine proper 4 bet bluff hands you need his squeeze range which if it is wide enough you will start flatting IP AQ AJ because they will become value calls. If he is somewhat balanced or has even more value then bluffs then it makes sense to 4 bet those as a bluff as they will not play good vs his overall range.

      5) You mean call of 5 bet shove? Because you are the one 4 betting squeeze so his action will be 5 bet shove? I would assume read less that they would stack off with KK+ AK, so vs such range KK+ I would just call 5 bet shove for value. If opponent starts 5 bet shoving his bluffs also then it makes sense to call off with QQ+. About AK it can become a call but I think only with wide enough bluffing frequency!

      This is all my opinion and approach to this strategy spot. Look forward to what others have to say and what Paul will say of course :)
    • 1) Yes, I would need to 4bet or jam alot to prevend Villain from having autoprofit. But it could still be correct to defend without calling. However, stacking off with hands like 99 or AQs in this spot feels very awkward and playing with a flattingrange could be superior.

      2) Without having KK+ in my range Im capped on certain board textures, but that doesnt have to be a problem. I can still calldown my best bluffcatchers on every boardrunout so villain is not able to exploit me. Ofcourse that means he has much more EV vs. my flattingrange compared to the case where I also flat with KK+.

      3) My shove has to work less often than 78% of the time because non of my hands are drawing dead when I get called. All of them have a certain equity vs his stackoff range and they realize 100% of it.

      4) I agree

      5) Sorry, I wanted to say: 4bet-jam. When we play a strategy where we dont want to 4bet small but jam all our 4bet hands instead. Which is the worst hand we would do it with, in that case?

      JJ+,AK is only a 3% range. When Im opening like 19% of hands then Im folding about 85% of the time against his squeeze. Even with TT and AQs Im still folding more than 80%. If villains play works more than 61.2% he can do it with any two cards and gain a profit. Im not sure how often the other guys are supposed to defend against his squeeze.
    • You left the bluffing portion from Internets range out, it adds up to around 5-7% total of UTG range depending on the borderline hands with a lot of combos like AJo (might want to weight those). You should definitly hit 33% 4bet frequency and you have to keep in mind that villain will not expect that you 4bet everything and not defend. Against aggressive squeezers in the blinds might remove some low ev combos in UTG and you are pretty much inexploitable by a squeeze, as long as the squeezer does not underbluff in his range severely. I kind of like the 4bet only scenario against aggressive squeezers because it always creates deadmoney in the pot, generates more FEQ pre for a little less postflop equity and we have a strong uncapped 4Bet Pot range that fairs Okish against the Squeezer.
    • I overlooked that there were 2 cold callers and that it is 15bb pre to defend vs. I agree with Paul, defending with call is not best choice by any means. Also waffelcrunch made some excellent points about not being exploited in such spot. Aggro regs will squeeze wider (have bluffs in their range 2:1 or close to it at least) so then our 4 bet shoving becomes much more +EV then vs read less guys who we assume are much tighter here which leads into over folding for us.

      Excellent discussion, thank you guys for it!