Pinned [EN] Team BAStards is looking for spin&go players for coaching + staking deals

    • [EN] Team BAStards is looking for spin&go players for coaching + staking deals

      Hey there,
      We are currently looking for interested players for our team BAStards. The team was founded in 2018 and was a big success story so far. We offer all of our coachings and content in english.

      For the moment we are looking for Spin&Go players only. We offer a full staking, including regular coaching sessions and a variety of learning materials with fair conditions. Our goal is to make you a better player, while facilitating your progress with our staking. All you need are some poker basics. We will teach you everything else there is to know.

      Our offer:
      - first class education for spin&go's
      - a professional team that offers you all the help you will need
      - regular professional coachings for all stakees in 1:1 and group formats
      - exclusive learning material, charts and analysis
      - regular exlusive live streams
      - fair conditions
      - Discord channel with 24/7 service, hand evaluations and strategy discussions
      - a great little community that will help you to get to the top

      We are looking for:
      - hungry and motivated players that are willing to play spin&go's
      - reliability with accounting, appointments and contracts
      - players that have the necessary time to improve their own game effectivly

      How you can apply:
      - send us a short application: tell us about yourself, your poker background and your motivation for getting staked:
      • Whats your name?
      • Where are you from?
      • How old are you?
      • What is your main job? What do you do for a living?
      • How much time per day/week/month are you able to dedicate to poker?
      • Why do you think that a staking is the right choice for you?
      - tell us your nicknames for all poker sites if available
      - attach graphs for your previous games (all variants) if available
      - also mention credentials from other poker players if possible
      - attach hand histories of spin&go's that you played in the past

      Send us your application via mail to If you have any further questions feel free to contact us via mail or post your question here.

      About us:
      Since 2011 I am a coach for Pokerstrategy, where I created various videos for the german and english community. The mtt beginner course, which I created in 2014, was translated in various languages and is deemed a big success. Additionally I taught more then 100 students in private coachings over the years. Since 2018 I am also a coach at RaiseYourEdge. Now I am ready to bring my whole coaching experience into the stable. Personally I have a MTT background, but have been focussing mainly on spin&go's recently. If you are looking for further credentials feel free to ask.

      Our god of strategy. Beldarion knows more about poker theory, than Stephen Hawking knew about the universe. Being a spin&go and mtt expert he knows every little detail about the game he loves and is ready to explain it all to you. In the past Beldarion was part of various stables and learned from the best poker players out there. Now he is part of team BAStards and ready to crush with you.

      What our team members say
      Original by Cpm
      The coaches and the stakees are super friendly and ambitious. The learning effect is enormous and shows in the results. I was able to climb from 1$ spins to 7$ spins within two weeks.

      Original by kingkash1
      I joined one week ago and am absolutely thrilled! I started without any knowledge of spin&go's and was already able to learn quite a lot. We are a small team, which allows for a very high quality. Furthermore there is a very enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere :)

      Original von NoDeal
      I can recommend the staking offer to every newbie/returning player who is interested in seriously boosting his poker skills

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