Limped Pot Provides Hell Post-flop

    • Limped Pot Provides Hell Post-flop

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 50NL 6-max on microgaming, 5-handed, anonymous. HERO is BB with 5 :diamond: 4 :diamond: , 120.5BBs effective.

      MP limps
      CO folds
      BU folds
      SB completes
      BB HERO checks his option.

      FLOP (3BB) : 7 :club: 6 :spade: Q :spade: . SB checks, BB HERO bets 2.5BB, MP raises to 8BB, SB folds, BB HERO calls.
      TURN (19BB) : 8 :diamond: . BB HERO checks, MP bets 9BB, BB HERO raises to 32BB, MP calls.
      RIVER (83BB) : 4 :spade: . BB HERO checks, MP bets 79.5BB and is all in, BB HERO folds.


      No decent reads on the table, if anything, would've clearly said that MP was a regular, so could see the limp just being a miss-click, though rather a guess.
      Pre-flop looks STD, don't see no good reason to raise.
      Flop - once SB checked, i figured since my hand has literally no SD (but has equity if called with an open-ender) i wouldn't mind just taking it down vs two wide ranges, so decided to bet on the bigger side. The raise from MP looks like some decent TP+ hands and some amount of potential draws, yet nothing too defined at that point, once SB folds, looks like a STD call.
      Turn - the most unclear street for me here - i improve to the 2nd nuts, THE MAIN POINT for me seems that on one hand i'm very skeptical villain has any T9 combos (would give it only suited ones pre-flop and particularly here would assign him only one T :spade: 9 :spade: combo that beats me at this point) on the other, i'm OOP with still very deep stack, compared to the pot in a spot where there are plenty of bad runouts for my hand (4/5/9/T/Spade/even board pairing) so is the idea to try to play for stacks at this point too optimistic???
      River - After my big turn x/r gets called, initially was planning to GII on safe blanks rivers. On bad rivers i certainly don't have a jam for value anymore and once villain jams himself, IMO pretty clear i'm not winning more than 33% so decided to fold...

      Looking to hear your thoughts on how would you have played it and particularly what would be your thought process on the turn street given all the details :)

      Thank you for responses! :)
    • if you suspect a misclick pre flop from MP you shoud probably iso-raise big pre flop, specially with a nice hand like yours.

      flop don't mind the lead, seems good, size fine.

      Turn I am not sure, depends on what type of range we put him, I guess he doesn't have full combos of T9, even if he misclicked pre flop, so XR seems okay, size ok, maybe a little bit bigger.

      River easy check. Once he jams we have a bluffcatcher, doesn't seem like the spot where we see enough bluffs (after a R|BC|B), fold seems good.
    • poop_scoop wrote:

      if you suspect a misclick pre flop from MP you shoud probably iso-raise big pre flop, specially with a nice hand like yours.
      I'm assuming you mean a miss-click was an uncontrolled action between folding or limping and since it's probably a posted "dead" (in terms of dead money) blind at this point, we can try to win the whole pot right there, pre-flop.

      What size would you make it?