Flop Decision?

    • Flop Decision?

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 50NL 6-max on microgaming. HERO is BB with J :diamond: T :diamond: , 100BBs effective.

      MP - typical good microgaming regular, CO - close to 100BB stack, but weaker, potentially fishy player, haven't seem him for too long, so no concrete reads, but for sure he was a spot at the table, filled with regs around.

      UT folds
      MP raises to 3BB
      CO calls
      BU folds
      SB folds
      BB HERO calls.

      FLOP (9.5BB) : 3 :club: T :club: 4 :diamond: . BB HERO checks, MP checks, CO bets 7.2BB, HERO...???

      Linecheck??? Only two streets, but have a question regarding both of them:

      1) Pre-flop - another instance where we are potentially in the pot with regular and weaker player and can either call or squeeze, which one do you like here better and why?
      2) Flop - Once MP checks as well IMO CO can be stabbing quite wide here. I think MP will be getting out of the pot regardless, but what's best vs CO and why? We're not getting FD or 56 type of hand to fold, since CO has position on us too, but even if we don't get folds, i'm not sure if can we call the possible x/r as straight-up raise for value? I was thinking about protection vs potential overcards, yet the real threat are only hands that have both cards higher than J, so KQ/AQ/AK, of which IMO only KQ is likely given preflop, other hands might have only 1 overcard like Q/K/A (whatever Q9s, A7s etc), which probably don't have that much equity that we would need to be protecting as much...? What would you guys do on the flop and why?

      Thank you for responses! :)

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      CO bets 7.2BB, BB HERO raises to 17BB, MP folds, CO folds, BB HERO wins the pot. ---> Not entirely sure this was a very good decision as villain probably folded a really low equity hand. The argument of making my life easier by not having to play later streets most likely is not outweighting the fact that the hand villain folded to my x/r probably would've had put more money in the pot, which now looks maybe a better option, though it can easily go x/x on the turn and villain can realize 100% of his equity that way and put money only when he's ahead...?

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    • pre flop you should probably squeeze. Is close to BE vs MP, and against CO fishy caller is clearly good to 3b, so you should do it, pushing MP out of the pot and playing a HU pot with a very good hand against weak player.

      Flop seems like a standard XC to me. XR possible but doesn't seem clearly best, protection is not huge, and it will be close to put another bet on most turns after we XR flop, our hand will not be strong enough.