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      Simple Postflop

      Simple Postflop is a GTO - solver.

      Input: Ranges, Board and possible sizing
      Output: GTO strategies for both players

      Get started
      1. Download and Install
      2. Login (Create a free account on the free version if you haven't)
      3. Run your first sim!

      Display Spoiler

      1) Set a board (Turn and River sims are 100% free!)
      Example: AAAAQ

      2) Set to River, Apply Situation, and Calculate River.
      Example: 100% Ranges with default betting plan.

      After Calculation has finished, explore the results on the action tree.

      Here, there are only two types of hands possible:
      Kx (nuts) and everything else (split hands)

      The solution displayed above is:
      Player1 (OOP) bets all Kx and about half of all other hands.
      Player2 (IP) against the bet, call about half the split hands. He raises Kx and a few splits. He folds the other splits.

      Download now and explore the other lines yourself!
      How does Player 2 play vs a check?
      Why does Player 1 never check a King?