NL10 - 4Bet or Call?

    • Hey!

      Nobody has yet responded, i don't feel like i know those yet blank threads of yours too well, but hopefully at least that would give some material for others to work with, so to prove me wrong or something :D

      As for the SB, i think that you're clearly ahead of him, probably not by much, but SBs range should mostly be middle-ish pockets (so ~88-TT, maybe JJ) and mainly suited broadways up to AQs, but most importantly, i would think SB pretty much never has a STRONGER hand here (QQ+), so vs SB you could consider actually 4betting it for value.

      VS BU however, it's by no means a value 4bet - you might sometimes get BU to continue with a few hands like TT or AQs, however you will ALWAYS get BU to continue with better hands and so your best hope here is that BU actually folds (regardless of what SB does afterwards) - even if BU continues vs your 4bet by calling, not jamming, i'm still not sure you would even have more than 50% vs that range anyway, so if by 4betting you're essentially bluffing vs BU and would hate life vs a jam, again, regardless of what SB does afterwards, then i think that even with there being potential dead money in the pot (blinds and SBs cold-call) you're still not sure whether you actually win it preflop with a 4bet, even bigger disaster would've been if SB actually has a better hand once in a while, while just calling would certainly be +EV, so given all that i suppose that calling would be more profitable than 4betting it pre...

      Anyways, would love to hear more input like criticism if i'm wrong at any point... :D

      Later will come up with a quick manual flop
      calldown for your A :diamond: K :diamond: spot as i can't really decide what and why looks best for me either :)
    • if SB didnt cold call the 3b then JJ is an easy 4b and call vs jam, it gets much closer vs those tight NL10 3b and 5b ranges.

      With SB call I think 4betting is still fine, I would even consider jamming, since I wouldnt expect SB to have QQ+.

      Not too sure about just calling though, I actually don't like it, because I don't like playing postflop multiway, specially with 99-QQ which imo underperform multiway.