3BP. COvBB Spot Linecheck

    • 3BP. COvBB Spot Linecheck

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 50NL 6-max on microgaming, anonymous, 4-handed. HERO is CO with Q :spade: T :spade: , 153BBs effective.

      CO HERO raises to 2.5BB
      BU folds
      SB folds
      BB raises to 10BB
      CO HERO calls.

      FLOP (20.5BB) : 8 :club: 4 :heart: 9 :club: . BB bets 6BB, CO HERO raises to 14BB, BB calls.
      TURN (48.5BB) : Q :diamond: . BB checks, CO HERO bets 21BB, BB calls.
      RIVER (90.5BB) : 6 :diamond: . BB checks, CO HERO checks.


      Pre - STD.

      Flop - calling IMO is STD, but decided to raise with the idea that i don't expect to get 3bet often at all and this way it's easier to realize equity, as i can check back the turn unimproved and see the river instead of having to likely call another, this time bigger bet on the turn - does that make sense? Also, i would've said that it's an EXPLOITATIVE reasoning, but have no real reads to base this on, could this logic be sound in theory...?

      Turn - Still losing to some hands, but we probably do have one more street of value to bet...?

      River - seems really thin to still be going for value, so just checking back, as planned on the turn?

      Thank you for responses! :)
    • painlezz wrote:

      Dont like the flop raise, because you have only 3 useful outs!
      Hmmm... Do you mean that on any turn other than non-club J i can't really do anything (so can't possibly rep stuff on say 6,7,T or clubs) or that with a raise i essentially kill my T/Q outs? Even on turn T or Q, facing a barrel i won't really be a happy camper, of course, non club T or Q is still a continue i'm pretty sure, since we would have a gutshot along with TP, but TP in clubs already sucks and even if we proceed flop with just a call, it doesn't seem that much better??? ?(

      Thank you :)