SRP. TPTK Massively Overplayed?

    • SRP. TPTK Massively Overplayed?

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 20NL 6-max on microgaming. HERO is MP with A :spade: J :spade: , 137BBs effective. Villain - BB - a regular. BU - 65BB stacked fish.

      UT folds
      MP HERO raises to 3BB
      CO folds
      BU calls
      SB folds
      BB calls.

      FLOP (9.5BB) : 6 :spade: J :heart: 6 :club: . BB checks, MP HERO bets 6BB, BU folds, BB raises to 18.5BB, MP HERO calls.
      TURN (46.5BB) : 8 :spade: . BB bets 37.5BB, MP HERO calls.
      RIVER (121.5BB) : 6 :diamond: . BB bets 78BB and is all in, MP HERO calls.


      Pre - STD.

      Flop - cbet it for the bigger size because had a fish behind, once he folds and BB raises to much, can i just fold here, because there's just nothing else other than 6x...??? Feels like a street where folding would've been absolutely best.

      Turn - even though villain sizes it big again, i like a call here a bit more, because i should have spade and Jx outs in case i'm behind and maybe once in a while split or beat KJ even thought i don't really believe it :D

      River - probably the worst river card for me...? Villain has only 3 combos of 6 :heart: 5 :heart: / 6 :heart: 7 :heart: / A :heart: 6 :heart: BUT not really anything else, still i guess that's a best river to catch if that would've been ever good...

      Thank you for responses! :)
    • with fish involved, he can have even more 6x. At least i would. 86s, k6s, maybe even q6s, 96s.

      But it doesn't matter how many 6x he has, because at your stakes it is 6x 99% of the time in this scenario. No natural bluffs available and nobody raises hands like 87s here.

      Don't forget It's 3way and you bet quite large vs fish behind.

      If you don't want to fold flop, fold turn is mandatory.
    • Yeah, this is one of those spots where regs will be playing massively unbalanced. Flop he will have the 6x a lot of the time, so we should just probably fold, despite it being massively exploitable.

      Turn we still don't have the odds to call vs 6x, despite the 11 outs. Again, it is a tight fold but a correct one if villain never has a worse hand.

      River is the street where I would manage to fold even in my worst days. This 6x 99% of the time. He has it every time.