NL10 - KKxAA??

    • NL10 - KKxAA??

      UTG xChody ($15.81) 158bb
      UTG+1 mchiefaakk ($6.12) 61bb
      CO Hero ($15.83) 158bb
      BTN Austepele ($6.71) 67bb
      SB JoSavard 07 ($10) 100bb
      BB XaMBwin ($17.20) 172bb

      Pre-Flop: (0.15, 6 players) Hero is CO :kc :ks
      xChody raises to $0.32, mchiefaakk calls $0.32, Hero raises to $1.35, 3 folds, xChody raises to $4.85, mchiefaakk folds, Hero calls $3.50
      Flop: :8s :6d :7h ($10.17, 2 players)

      xChody goes all-in $10.96, Hero ?(

      Hi, guys. Villain was playing only one table. It´s an easy what? Thanks.
    • 3.2 > 3.2 > 13.5 > 48.5.... :D

      i would get REALLY confused in-game and prob make a bad decision, but can't we just fold it pre...??? The only thing that makes me unsure is an explo reasoning that you're SQing a incomplete MP player so your range could've been wider... Still if this person is just playing his hand value (and that can absolutely be the case) he might not even think about it.

      Other than that - villain always has 6 combos of AA, KK and AK are hardly blocked (AK might not even cold 4bet it pre, especially to this size) - vs KK+/AK (considering blockers) you have 47.3%. I'm pretty sure vs such sizings we don't really want to develop a calling range, as there are just 1-2 hands that could have a profitable call (and we're talking about AA and hands really close to it) and those would have a profitable play preflop in every scenario (regardless what you do with AA pre it will be +EV unless you fold, it's just a matter of which line would be MORE +EV, 4 example, UT opens, you call AA BU - that's of course +EV play, but it will most likely be more +EV to 3bet - common sense :) ). And what hands would we continue with if we don't want to call, so to 5bet jam over the 48.5BB 4bet profitably? Sound like AA only...???

      So yeah, won't blame you for doing anything, especially if you we're just 100BBs deep, but here, being 158BB effective i think that just folding it pre facing the 4bet could be best...

      Reminds me of the hand i recently posted in the forum ("TPTK massively overplayed?") where it's really obvious and clear what i'm up against, but i couldn't make the best decision for whatever reason, this might be one of those spots.

      You can also look at it other way - folding would be really bad only if villain is actually really wider than that, so if he's playing stuff down to JJ and all AK this way, without such info...