3BP. Linecheck W Trips

    • 3BP. Linecheck W Trips

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 20NL 6-max on microgaming, anonymous. HERO is SB with A :diamond: Q :diamond: , 100BBs effective.

      UT folds
      MP raises to 3BB
      CO folds
      BU folds
      SB HERO raises to 10BB
      BB folds
      MP calls.

      FLOP (21BB) : Q :club: Q :heart: 5 :heart: . SB HERO bets 7.5BB, MP calls.
      TURN (36BB) : 9 :spade: . SB HERO checks, MP bets 18BB, SB HERO calls.
      RIVER (72BB) : J :club: . SB HERO checks, MP bets 64.5BB and is all in, SB HERO calls.


      Not really sure my decisions post-flop - starting from the flop, can we range-bet it with these positions and board to the turn - what should we do...?

      Thank you for responses! :)
    • eroticjesus wrote:

      Turn bet again or x/shove for value
      What size would make sense and why? This seems like a way ahead - way behind type of spot overall considering ranges - i don't think that HERO can bet (let alone x/j) anything weaker than Qx on turn (IMO KK n such is almost dead or at least in really bad shape if called), however, if HERO holds Qx, it blocks a significant amount of villain's continuing range.

      EDIT : maybe x/j turn could be best exploitatively, expecting villain to stab too wide, but not really for value (only KQ QJ QT of spades as weaker made hands that could continue), but rather protection vs bare FDs, but also possible combo-draws that have both FD and gutshot or open-ender to go along with it.
    • Size: 1/2 pot or lower, higher seems bad, because not much money left on the river for a polar range, hard to justify bluffing random nonblocker on the River, when you bet more than 1/2 on the turn.

      wa/wb-situation: no, it is a way ahead situation EQ-wise.

      Hero can bet or x/jam weaker holdings than a Q, why not? The question should be whether it is necessary or not. I mean, it is NL20, you have nuts most of the time and you are not drawing dead if behind, just try to get it in by bet bet bet or x/shove, I have no idea which line has the highest EV, maybe x/shove, because of too much stabbig/protection betting with hands like TT, JJ and fold too much v 2nd barrel.
    • eroticjesus wrote:

      wa/wb-situation: no, it is a way ahead situation EQ-wise
      Was talking about perceived ranges, not particular HEROs hand - of course it's way up there, but it's just overall - weaker than Qx hands (so for example KK) are way ahead of weaker pockets / draws, but are way behind Qx.

      eroticjesus wrote:

      Hero can bet or x/jam weaker holdings than a Q, why not?
      Actually as played, yeah, i do agree that x/j turn is probably best, but in theory betting (or at least x/jamming) worse than Qx seems weird - would have to check, but can't believe that HERO would have a value x/j with anything weaker than Qx (so for HERO to have over 50% equity if called after jamming).
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      Usually checking/slowpaying a hand OOP happens because you have a range that contains medium strength hands that dont want to face a lot of pressure. So by checking some Qx here you dont allow IP to value bet twice as thinly as he otherwise could have(with a hand like TT or A9). The thing is villain cant value bet twice very thinly even if you never Check Qx there because you''l have KK+ which means by the river he can only valuebet QX+. Therefore the only reason to check would be if you thing he stabs turn too often.
      BTW it porbbly makes sense to blockbet turn given we have some hands that are pretty good but cant play for stacks(AA,KK). Then on river prob have a block sizing for these hands(depends on the river ofc) and a shove size for our Qx+.