SRP. Trips Facing 3rd Big Barrel

    • SRP. Trips Facing 3rd Big Barrel

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 100NL 6-max on microgaming, 4-handed, anonymous. HERO is BU with A :heart: J :diamond: , 100BBs effective. Players involved we're most likely regulars, no additional reads / info.

      CO raises to 2.5BB
      BU HERO calls
      SB calls
      BB folds.

      FLOP (8.5BB) : A :spade: 9 :club: 4 :spade: . SB checks, CO bets 5.5BB, BU HERO calls, SB calls.
      TURN (25BB) : A :club: . SB checks, CO bets 16.5BB, BU HERO calls, SB folds.
      RIVER (58BB) : 7 :spade: . CO bets 38.5BB, BU HERO...???


      Pre - seems STD, unless anyone has any thoughts about how i missed a clear 3bet spot...? ^^

      Flop - STD ;

      Turn - Would you ever raise here? For one, COs 2nd big barrel into two people looks very strong and it's just double FD board that makes me think about raising at all.

      River - now i'm really confused - front-door flush completing doesn't stop villain from betting in a spot where i can just have the nuts IP, so doens't seem like a bluff at all, but what could he be playing like this for value??? Draws would probably slow down at some point (like, nobody bets a FD in COs shoes on the turn like that, right?), but stone cold nuts like A9 is probably betting turn smaller considering it has the board locked and blocked... Thoughts? ?(

      Thank you for responses! :)
    • Pre flop call is fine, 3b also fine.

      Flop standard.

      Turn raise, hmm, maybe a small raise to check back river targeting draws, seems possible. But call seems standard.

      River my first reaction was that this was a clear fold, you have a bluffcather and it doesn t seem like a spot where we see bluffs, I mean what bluffs exactly? But your argument is also good, I don't expect people to barrel away spades on the turn. And villain cannot value bet AK. Still, despite villain repping very narrow I would fold. But you have showed several weird aggressive moves in this anonymous tables before, so maybe call is not that bad in this particular context.
    • Everything seems quite standard.
      River this hand rarely should fall into a call down range on such a run out.

      Probably we call mostly with trips+flush blocker. I believe flush blocker won't block any of his bluffing combos, since flop is 3way and turn is not really a high frequency 2 barrel spot, so not that much off suit combos with a spade for bluffing in his range.
      Finally i am kinda happy to fold that.

      I think AK-AQ still stays as a value bet in villain's shoes when he holds a spade.