4BP. Turn Play With PSB behind

    • 4BP. Turn Play With PSB behind

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 50NL 6-max on microgaming, anonymous, 3-handed. HERO is SB with A :heart: T :diamond: , 100BBs effective. Villain - seems to be a regular.

      BU folds
      SB HERO raises to 3BB
      BB raises to 9BB
      SB HERO raises to 20.5BB
      BB calls.

      FLOP (41BB) : 2 :diamond: 8 :club: T :heart: . SB HERO bets 16BB, BB calls.
      TURN (73BB) : J :heart: . SB HERO...???


      Pre - not strong enough to call a 3bet OOP, so using this hand as a 4bet.

      Flop - looks just like a perfect spot for my hand to 1/3rd flop and GII rest on the turn (unless it's a really bad one), but would you have any other considerations what to do (IDK, range, etc?) ?

      Turn - What are our options here? This doesn't look like the best turn card by far, at the same time, there shouldn't be too many hands in BBs range that now gets in the lead, but it should give quite a few hands additional equity vs HERO's hand, so since x/f OR betting turn small again with already just PSB back doesn't seem to be any good, maybe jamming could still be best...?

      Thank you for responses! :)
    • Pre & flop std. I like flop bigger sizing on those kind of flops 1/4 not too attractive here, prolly would go around 35% pot, but still fine.

      Turn i think it's easy jam.

      Yes, villain will have (2) JTs, (2) AJs, (3) QJs, maybe even some J9s, but he also has few AK, AQs, T9s, 99, 89s, KTs, QTs and i think we really like a jam with this SPR vs such a range, it might be thin but we have decent equity when called and a lot of protection. Especially when bdf is out there for me it's quite easy jam.