bluffcatcher vs aggro rec

    • Pre - not sure, flatting i guess is fine, though it somewhat depends on the UT fish limper - if he's never limp>raising and likely just limp>folding to any bigger size ISO i think i'd just be 3betting it small to leave it down to HU vs SB and make him define his range a little bit better (or just make him fold and win the total pot which is nice result as well).

      Flop - as played, well, calling seems like the only viable option.

      Turn - notice villain 1/2 flop, but now bombs (pots) the turn, still with so many possible draws now and not really that many ultra strong hands, especially ones that improve specifically on this turn it seems like an annoying call again.

      River - another pot size bet, the river is not really a blank as it improves some combo-drawy stuff that picked up a BDF on the turn. Still with this line villain is essentially repping a strong Qx+, while for bluffs he has everything from front-door FD (diamonds) to 98, J8, J9, KJ and even AJ-AK gutshots and considering off-suit combos should be possible too, there is plenty to choose from, so i'd say, IF YOU'VE SEEN villain triple barreling nonsense and actually showing it then you should call as there are plenty of bluffs possible, if however villain showing mostly good hands, but just his stats make you think otherwise, i wouldn't look TOO much into it just yet because 50 hands is not that big of a sample and it could lead you to making mistakes just as leading you to the right decision.
    • Unfortunately not really a stats' guy, so can't comment on it too much, though few things :

      1) i suppose high RFI + high WWSF should automatically mean that agg% would be high, whatever it means ;

      2) 50 hands is still a very small sample, could absolutely be just a run of good cards or something, that's what i said that i wouldn't rely just on these stats alone because of that ;

      3) considering what you said, i'm not saying you can't make decisions based on your data, of course you could, it's just, for better decision i would absolutely like to have additional info, so in this case - showdowns of what the guy is actually taking those aggressive lines with.

      If you have not seen any showdowns so far it might be temting to calldown just to see what is villain doing stuff with, at the same time you should be specific of what you're looking for - if you see something like AQ triple barreling here, not much to take away from, but if it's something like Qs2s / ATo / J8 then you could use that info moving forward.