3BP. Overpair On Paired Board MPvUT

    • 3BP. Overpair On Paired Board MPvUT

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 100NL 6-max on microgaming. HERO is MP with Q :club: Q :heart: , 101BBs effective with villain UT - regular.

      UT raises to 2BB
      MP HERO raises to 7.5BB
      CO folds
      BU folds
      SB folds
      BB folds
      UT calls.

      FLOP (16.5BB) : 6 :diamond: T :club: T :diamond: . UT checks, MP HERO bets 6BB, UT raises to 14.5BB, MP HERO calls.
      TURN (45.5BB) : 2 :diamond: . UT bets 31BB, MP HERO folds.


      Pre - normally would be flatting QQ MPvUT 3x RFI for the most part (come and tell me how you're even 3betting JJ MPvUT for value, looking to GII :D ), but vs 2x RFI looks like a clear 3bet.

      Flop - once again, not really sure if i can go b/b/j for the most part, but a range-cbet seems just fine. Once villain x/raises, not really sure what to put him on, seems like a clear continue, though not sure what his bluffs would be, for the most part some kind of overcards like AK with a diamond or FDs...? 78s 79s 89s don't really think that they are even in the range given preflop action. Thoughts?

      Turn - once flush completes and villain bombs it again, decided to just let it go - once again, dont' see no clear bluffs, vs Tx behind all along, flushes now have HERO almost dead too, vs value range up to 4 outs max... If anything villain maybe has some slowplayed KK-AA, but most likely no 99 or JJ that would take such line. Thoughts???

      Thank you for responses! :)
    • chitz wrote:

      Pre I dont like flatting, especially against larger sizes flatting gets worse. I prefer 3bet only, except from BB and maybe BU (depends on rake, sizings and table dynamics)
      Yeah, that's fair - 3B only is absolutely viable strategy. If anything, i would be using it myself for the most part if playing only regs, though table selecting and trying to play on tables with as many fish, so IMO it makes sense to have flats there, right? :)