3BP. BB v CO Turn Decision

    • 3BP. BB v CO Turn Decision

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 100NL 6-max on microgaming, anonymous. HERO is BB with 9 :club: 9 :spade: , 108BBs effective.

      UT folds
      MP folds
      CO raises to 3BB
      BU folds
      SB folds
      BB HERO raises to 10BB
      CO calls.

      FLOP (20.5BB) : 8 :diamond: J :club: 3 :club: . BB HERO bets 7.5BB, CO calls.
      TURN (35.5BB) : T :heart: . BB HERO checks, CO bets 23.5BB, BB HERO...???


      Pre - probably not a 100% frequency 3bet BB v CO, but certainly fine.

      Flop - just your regular everyday range-bet in 3BP.

      Turn - i don't think a value-bet on the turn makes much sense, so checking, but what do we do once we face a bet? Have two thoughts/questions :

      1) It likely doesn't apply here, but i do remember situations where we rather not check, because if we check we allow villain to check back and realize his equity IP, while IF IN CASE WE INDEED FACE A BET, the value portion of the range that bets do indeed beat our hand or have really good equity against it, in other words, we don't really induce bluffs from air or something - still, even though second part of this (facing bets from stronger) is probably true, that can't really push us to bet instead of checking, but considering all this, it sounds like even with a turned gutshot we might just have a fold OR AT LEAST A CLOSE CALL, as we still should be ahead of some AQ/KQ/FD type of hand, we probably aren't facing turned middle pairs (Tx) betting...?

      2) How would we play AQ/AK compared to 99 ? Both of those do have a gutshot on the turn, but the hands are quite different considering their strength, showdown value, blockers, etc.

      Pardon for not having my questions too clear, still hoping it's clear enough what i'm asking - THANK YOU FOR RESPONSES! :)
    • Pre is ok, I dont like your 3bet size though. going for 12bb or even bigger should have higher EV.

      Flop seems fine

      2) Should be quite good for villain, he gets alot of GS and OESD, even Q9s and 97s could be possible. Also T8s. I dont think we are able to valuebet your Top and Overpairs at a high frequency here. This also means that we arent able to bluff too much, so AQ/AK are probably a mix between check and bet and depending on size you would have to call a bet. You will end up in a tough spot if you happen to hit A or K for a Top Pair and villain shoves.

      1) Dunno what you are talking about if you bet 99 here, its clearly a bluff and you are going to stack off on alot of rivers. Check calling is probably better or at least the more frequent play here. Calling is not even close you defend against pretty much any betsize, you have an OESD+Pair. Even against 88 you have still decent equity