SRP. Limper Goes Crazy Post-Flop

    • SRP. Limper Goes Crazy Post-Flop

      Hello guys,

      have another hand that i wanted to share with you :)

      Playing regular 50NL 6-max on microgaming, anonymous. HERO is BU with K :spade: K :heart: , 131.5BBs effective with villain - MP - weaker player, did some limp>calling pre.

      UT folds
      MP bets 1BB
      CO folds
      BU HERO raises to 4BB
      SB folds
      BB folds
      MP calls.

      FLOP (9.5BB) : 3 :spade: 3 :heart: 5 :diamond: . MP checks, BU HERO bets 4BB, MP raises to 12BB, BU HERO calls.
      TURN (33.5BB) : 8 :heart: . MP bets 18.75BB, BU HERO calls.
      RIVER (71BB) : 6 :club: . MP bets 97BB and is all in, BU HERO...???


      Pre / Flop / Turn feels seems somewhat STD on HEROs part (right?), while on the river we would likely look to fold as probably people just aren't bluffing enough...? In that case are we folding everything, that's not the nuts, while out of the nuts we don't really have much 3x ISOing a limper (A3s - 2 combos, that's about it) so continue with just 55 and 88 ??? ?(

      Thank you for responses! :)