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      Hi there,

      First of all, im new to this forum so here is a small introduction about myself. 25 years old, live in Norway and play Micro/midstake FLH, SnG 9handed and MTTs
      Second, my English is not perfect so you WILL find loads of typos, Warning received!

      I was thinking of using this blog to share my success and failure, also just to share what im thinking and how everything else in life goes.
      Since this is the first post i might as well post my graph for this week, and update it again on sunday.

      Now for some real life stuff :(
      28 march 2015 everything changed in my life! I was at the Motocross track, it was a very nice day with sun and nice temperature to ride in!
      Just bought a brand new Kawasaki KX250F and was ripping, hard! Two weeks to the local championship and i was fit and ready to race!
      In the first warmup lap it happend! In mid air 2-4 meter up, i got sidewinded and my tail went to the right side. After some effort i got the bike straight, but failed to get my foot on the peg before landing.
      I twisted my knee and got 7 fractures total in my right leg and knee! Here is some pictures...

      As you can see im back on my feet, but my knee will never be the same ( about 60% functionality ) And my Motocross days are over and out! :(
      But again i have to look on the bright side in life, i got my Girlfriend, my daughter and my dog :)
      Ending this now, have a nice week everyone and GL at the tables!! :thumbsup:
    • Heyaaaaaaaa fellow gamblers! :)

      It`s Sunday and time to update the least followed blog in the whole world! Just joking, but its not farm from it, im not gonna lie to you!
      So this week has been kinda slow, didnt play as many hands in cash game as planned, same for MTT due to pain in my knee!
      In cashgame i mainly played Zoom, YEAH! The Russian fish pool.. Yeah i said it.. WHAT?, WHAT?!
      So this is how the cash graph looks for this week.

      For the MTT and SNG graph nothing much changed since my last post, but hey, ill slap it in here just for Y'all!!!

      Thats pretty much all i got to say about poker this week, well thats pretty much all i got to say at all this week! Hope you all ding and cash big! For those who dont, well your just shit out of luck!
      Have a nice Sunday gamblers :)
    • Hi to all you good people!

      Yeah i know, i told you guys you would get an update every Sunday, but ive been sick with the flu and had alot of real life things to take care of, we will get to that soon.
      First i would like to share that i got a tournament coach, his name is Zeelandboy on Pokerstars and he is a nice guy and a very good tournament player.
      So this is a big step for me and my first real "investment" as a poker player to improve my game. Dont have so much details to share with you so far, but im sure we will get there soon :)
      Since i been sick for while i havent played much at all, but i had the luxury to lay in bed and read poker stuff!

      Now for the real life stuff :(

      As some of you know, i had a motocross accident a few months back and wrecked my knee pretty bad.
      Last week i was at the doctor and took xray and scan of my knee, after a 45 min wait the doctor came back with some crappy news! Yeah, my luck!
      He shaked his head and said these words " Michel, Im afraid i got some bad news, your knee has taken permanent damage and wont get much better than it is today, sorry buddy"
      So i will be a limping retard rest of my life, but hey, everything happens for a reason, right? NO!

      Thats all i got for you guys this time, but next blog i promise will be more fun to read :)

      PS: Had a request to share a picture of my dog, so i took this picture while writing this! :)

      Hope you guys are crushing the tables and have a good summer so far, talk soon! :)