New? Introduce Yourself!

    • New? Introduce Yourself!

      Hi there,

      Flo speaking and let's start this intro thread now!

      Well, I am already playing online poker since 2006 (how quick time is passing by...). Usually you can find me at the midstakes cashgame tables at Microgaming and Ipoker. Currently I do my master studies as well so there is not that much time to grind huge volumes.

      Additionally I play some Majors at PokerStars (if time allows) and love gambling those freaking spin&go's just for fun. I also had some deepruns in some EPT Main Events and I also played some other live tournament series as WSOP, EMOP etc.

      I devote myself to poker related topics like every day and I am blessed to have the pleasure to do some moderation at this cool forum as well. I would say that's enough for a brief intro. :thumbup:
    • Hi to all.

      My name is Al Spath, I go by the name TEACH, as I love to teach poker and was an instructor and then became the Dean at Poker School Online.

      I write for publications and online sites and edit books for poker authors.

      My passion is working with lower limit players and building a solid poker foundation that will quickly eliminate the holes or leaks in their game.

      Contact me directly for online (Skype) lessons.
    • Hi Everyone

      My name is Daniel and I'm currently working as a foreign English teacher in Suzhou, China. Which is just 30 mins by bullet train from Shanghai. However I will be returning to England in July.
      I was introduced to this site by Paul Internet, who I first discovered by watching his training videos on the "PokerVIP" site.

      I grind Micro stakes usually 20nl and 30nl on 888. With tournaments also depending on my schedule.

      The main things I enjoy with regards to poker is mostly the studying, logical, and psychological side of the game. Although overall poker hasn't brought me as much financial success as it has to others (My overall profit since starting playing in 2011 is roughly in the $5K region) it certainly has helped me have better control of emotions, work ethic and general life motivation. I like getting involved in poker discussions and analyzing my game.

      Looking forward to becoming involved in this forum. Talk soon x
    • Hello Pokerbuddies, nice to meet you all! :)

      Some might now me as "Tackleberry" from - so looking forward to get into some nice discussions here as well.

      For further information on myself, please just check out my coaching info or visit my website.

      And to not let you wait too long - I immediately published my first video. :P


      Interested in GTO? Visit me at
    • Guess I am like this mostly... *shrugs*

      I like long walks, candle light, & frozen freezer veggies.

      Into: Dark & deep film, intense & crippling television, & gritty/soulful singing & songwriting.
      Love anything & everything else. I like noise, but I love quiet.

      2014 was the sh*ttiest year of my life... Went from nightly fall down drunk to losing over 70lbs.
      Worst tilt ever was over a woman, not cards. Not in a good place to play cards.

      Am back... Life is good. Sober over 11 months...
      Pursuing a trade with a guaranteed future. Grinding my passion on the side.

    • Hi Everyone,

      My name is Gabriel Plata, 27 years old, and I already play poker online since 2011 on fulltilt and pokerstars, and 888poker I started this year.

      In 2011 I have been catch by event on fulltilt (investigation of FBI) and go to pokerstars to play freerolls for about 18 months. These freerolls were my great school of poker online and the good player I'm now I owe to these freerolls at pokerstars.

      I started playing sit-go's of omaha hi-lo and razz micro stakes ($1.50 and $3.50) in 2013.
      In june 2013 I started play cashgame of razz, due my great success in sit-go's and mtt's, and became gold star in pokerstars in 16 days. But for only one month :D

      Live events: I never played a big event, like BSOP, LAPT, WSOP, etc... I never go out of Brasil :P
      The first live event I played was "Merreca Series of Poker" (MSOP) here in Salvador-BA in 2014. But I play poker with friends since I have 12 years old.

      Now I dedicate my time for PokerMarket and to play poker only, I'm a semi-professional poker player trying to become a pro :thumbup:

      My dream is play high live events like WSOP, EPT, LAPT, BSOP, etc... I'm never been to a casino, and is my dream too.

      Special thanks to Flow for the opportunity to help this awesome forum :thumbup:

      Flow is a very nice guy, and help me a lot.

      This is my best moment of my life, I think, until now.

    • Perhaps this should have been my first post, but here it is at #15 :)

      Hi guys I'm Darius. I play cash games ranging from 100NL on Pokerstars to 600NL on other sites.

      I play as a hobby and also stream a ton of my play on

      I'm looking forward to posting a bunch in the strat forum where I can hopefully help others improve or be told I'm an idiot and use that to improve myself :cool:
    • Hi guys!

      My real name is Predrag Simovic, my friends call me Pedja.
      I am 31 (32 soon on 7th of July), born and living in Nis, Serbia currently. I studied worked/teach/performed abroad for 7 years (5 in Boston/USA 1 Thessaloniki Greece, 1 London/UK). My tittle prior to poker was professional jazz musician. I graduated and taught at Berklee College of Music for 2 years prior to returning back home in Serbia in April 2008.

      My real poker journey started in July 14th 2012. I entered 1.5 year deal for SNGs (6 max) and in the process made my coach and myself total 30k$+. My results in SNGs are very solid (over 4% ROI on 15s 6 max in past year) as I am among top regulars on 15$ 6 max turbo limit on Poker Stars. I also took coaching for HU Hypers (1 month with 30$+ crushes from Poker Strategy0 and for NLHE (w34z3l from Poker Strategy 30 hours from December to May this year). Since January 2014 I have been coaching and staking students for SNGs on my own and have taught over 50 people so far. Since December 2014, I decided to switch formats and go all in with NLHE. I love the freedom of NLHE. Playing shorter and more focused sessions, being able to organize life activities differently because of it, having higher sealing for hourly and for me the most important factor = to keep improving and to become better poker player!

      I run a very successful blog on Poker Strategy which up to this date has close to 188k views. It is called "Making a Living with STT SNGs".
      I consider myself extremely dedicated, hard working, motivated and goal driven. I do my best to help all my students become not only best players but to find what they are looking for in poker and life (some of them want to play part time later with right hourly, some want to become absolute best etc).

      Currently, I am not involved in any coaching or staking and I play NL25-50 ZOOM games. My NL25zoom on past 37k hands sample results are 8.82bb EV/100. My main advantages are post flop from hand reading (counting combos on the spot and understanding which hands would opponent bet/call/raise/fold 1-2-3 streets); another advantage is bet sizing and range construction, what kind of hands opponent will call/fold to certain lines and what their lines represent vs us. My biggest leak in NLHE is tilt that is caused by triggers such as loosing a huge hands (100bb-200bb) vs opponents hand that "wasn't even suppose to be there" and regs who bluff catch very light in 3 bet pots or don't understand bet sizing and range construction vs such. I find though that more that I am studying less I am tilting and I definitely feel my game is profitable to beat NL25-50ZOOM and be minimum BE on NL100ZOOM.

      I found Poker Market thanks to my NLHE coach w34z3l (he shared a link of the site in Skype group).
      I watched and studied from dozen videos from Paul Otto and other coaches and in my opinion Paul is the best NLHE player that crushes the games, has super solid theory/math/range construction/bet sizing/lines and the one who presents all this in very easy to follow and understand way. So I can proudly say that Paul is one of my biggest poker idols and I hope one day to reach the level of knowledge that he has in this game called NLHE.

      I am potentially looking to network with all the players that are willing to work hard and daily on their game and to aim to become best they can be - so like minded individuals like myself, to help each other become the best possible players together!
      I also hope that something huge might happen within month time and that I will become part of something very big and life changing for my poker career!

      That is all and thank you all who managed to read through it all :)