Hello, PokerMarket! Ricardo "preTu.ras" Silva in the house!

    • hey guys! sorry for the delay in responding. i decided to take a couple of weeks off and do some traveling here in Brazil. but now I will get back on the grind with full power! On the next weekend I will play the BSOP (Brazilian Series of Poker) here in Brasília, which is great. I will get to play a very soft tournament without having to spend money on travelling and hotels, since I live in Brasília. And best of all, I won my seat for the Main Event online for only $215 :)

      @google My initial thought was to make a mixture of blogs and vlogs. Since I made the vlog for the July recap, I decided to do a blog post for August. Since I almost didn't play poker in September, I will do a vlog at the end of October covering both months.

      @flow Thanks for the tip, flow. I will choose a tournament to review and try to make a couple of videos this week before the BSOP.

      Thanks for reading, guys!
    • Hi everyone!

      Right after I came back to Brasília, I found out that the evergy system here is going through some kind of crisis. I can't remember having a rain longer than 5 minutes in several months, which means that our main source of energy here in Brazil (hydroelectric) is in trouble. For the last week, there has been at least one power outage per day, which is making me very afraid of trying to play a session online. I don't wanna risk losing money just because of that.

      Also, BSOP Brasília starts tomorrow. So, hopefully we get some rains so I can try to get back on the stream next week.

      Thanks for following, guys. #VamoPreturas
    • It def is kind of a dilemma. But I guess it's better to have outages with a guaranteed energy source, rather than not have power at all. But I am being kind of a nit, because I should get a no-break, which costs around $300. I will look it up after the BSOP.

      I have no idea about how many people are actually living off of poker here in Brazil, but we're having a major growth in the game here. The sports secretary just released an official note saying that they are going to regulate the poker market here. They just created some sort of "task force" to evaluate everything and come up with all the laws and shit. People are kind of afraid, because we can't really trust politicians here in Brazil, with all the corruption and other shit that goes on. But it indicates how big poker is getting and it's something that would happen eventually. So all we can do now is wait and hope that everything is done smoothly. Guess we'll see in the future...

      About the BSOP, it is HUGE! We have the biggest events (in terms of numbers of players) outside of Las Vegas. We are expecting a huge tornout for the BSOP Brasília, and in a month or so we are gonna have the BSOP-Millions in São Paulo, which is like the Grand Final of the season.

      Last year I played the BSOP-Millions Main Event qualifying from only $11 on PokerStars. It was my first major live tournament and it got more than 3000 players. I ended up finishing in 117th place, for around $4k. Pretty great ROI and very good first live experience :)

      Hopefully I can do a good job in the BSOP Brasília as well. The tournament starts tomorrow. I will try to post chip updates on my twitter and maybe give you guys a report here at the end of the day.

      Wish me luck and thanks for reading! #VamoPreturas
    • Hey guys!

      After 12+ hours of grinding, I made day 2 of the BSOP Brasília Main Event. The starting stack was 25k and I finished with 107.7k at the end of day 1A :)
      Blinds will be 600/1200 when we come back for day 2 on monday, so it's a pretty decent stack. As I expected, it was a very soft tournament, with a lot of fun players and a very good and slow structure.

      Even though it was a very soft tournament overall, I drew the toughest table of the day by far. To my left, I had 3 very experienced online regs, who are very well known in Brazil (one of them was Kelvin_FP:AR). One seat to my right, I had another online reg who is one of the best online players in the world IMO (his Stars screenname is GM_VALTER). But I held my own for the couple of hours we played together and then the table broke. I got moved to a more standard table, with just 1 or 2 decent players and a lot of fun players.

      I played an interesting hand in this tough table that I wanna share with you. First of all, let me talk about my image. These four good players were all friends and they were talking a lot and having fun, and I was keeping to myself, as I always do in live tables. I was playing very aggressively, but never showing down any hand, so I think they weren't really aware of my capabilities to bluff. So I think my image is perfect for pulling off big bluffs and stuff, because it felt like I wasn't really getting out of line, but in reality I was playing fairly aggressively. GM_VALTER was playing VERY aggressively, opening a lot of hands from a lot of positions. He was doing that because he had the best seat on the table, with a major fun player to his right.

      So this hand happens. We are 8 handed. Blinds are 250/500/50 and I have around 55k chips on the hijack seat. I get dealt :ts :9s .
      GM_VALTER opens from 4off the button for 1200 chips. I have a very interesting decision here with this particular hand. Without getting too much into it, I think this is a very good hand for me to 3bet if I hadn't been 3betting that often lately, because it's gonna do really well against GM_VALTER's raise/calling a 3bet range postflop this deep. But I usually mix it up with these suited connectors in this situation. I decided to just call because I was expecting the good players to my left to 4bet me a lot given the dynamics. There is also a very good chance we see a squeeze from them, but I'm ok with that because this is a hand that I could potentially call a squeeze with and fight it out postflop.

      So I call and the good player to my left calls as well, on the CO. The big blind also comes along for the ride.
      We go to the flop 4-ways and I'm loving life right now. Lots of good spots can come from this, especially with the overcallers being really capped in this situation after not squeezing preflop.

      Flop: :qd :9h :3s pot is 5450

      BB checks, GM_VALTER (original raiser) checks, hero checks, CO bets 2500 (between 30k and 35k left behind), BB folds, GM_VALTER folds, hero calls (around 50k left behind).

      I think flop is pretty standard here. After being checked into, CO will bet a lot of hands here IMO. His betting range is probably something like sets (99 and 33), Qx (KQ, QJs, QTs and maybe some AQ combos that didn't squeeze preflop), JTs, KJs, KTs, T8s, some A3s and a bunch of Axs with backdoor draws. He could also have some random stuff like 87s, 76s with backdoor flush draw. So, as you can see, his range is overall very weak here. Very few combos of value hands and a lot of bluffs.
      My range also looks really weak here, given that he thinks that I would probably bet all my top pair or better hands on the flop. Because of that, I expected him to follow through with his bluffs on almost any turn.

      Turn: :qd :9h :3s :8h pot is 10450

      I check, he bets 4300...
      What would you do here?

      Given all I said about the flop play, this bet was expected and I had a plan for this hand. And this turn is very good for the plan I had in mind. I block a lot of combos from the top of his range (99, 33 and JTs). I still can have hands like JTs and sets here, given that I could be trapping on the flop with them. I also picked up some equity on this turn, with the gutshot (if the turn was a spade, it would be even better, obv). I am pretty close to the bottom of my range here. Also, calling here is not going to be +EV IMO, because we're not getting the right price and we are out of position. The majority of his value hands can't get all the chips in by the river. And, to wrap it up, I have the perfect image to go for a bluff-raise here, with the intention of putting him all-in on most rivers.

      Block top of villain's range combos + hero's range is sort of uncapped + hero has some back-up equity + hero is close to bottom of his range + calling isn't gonna be profitable + majority of villain's value range can't get it in by the river + hero's good image = bluff-raise the turn.

      So I raised to 9800, and I think this is a small mistake. I should have made it like 11k, so I can shove the river more comfortably and generate more fold equity right on the turn. But this is me just being a little over critical. I don't think it's going to make that much of a difference in the end. Brazilian players, even the good ones, don't usually think that much ahead, and this is one of the reasons I think this bluff is really good. He's gonna call with all his Qx on the turn, without thinking that he's gonna have to fold them on pretty much any river.

      So he calls and the pot goes to around 30k, with around 20k effective behind. Had I made it 11k-12k, the pot would be 32k-34k and he would have 18k-19k behind. So not that big a difference...
      Another important thing that I have to mention is that I am gonna shut down the bluff on some river cards. Those cards are: any queen, maybe some kings (not sure about it yet) and any T (because it makes me 2 pair and puts a 4 card straight on the board).

      River: :qd :9h :3s :8h :qs pot is 30k.

      Terrible river card. Abort plan. Hero checks. Villain checks back and shows :kh :qc .

      So I think the plan was really good. But we just got the worst card on the deck on the river. Nothing we can do. I'm sure he would fold those type of hands on the river if it was a blank, so no regrets. Still have 40k chips to work with.
      It was also some kind of blessing in disguise, because I was able to pick up a decent amount of chips after showing this bluff, when I made some hands later on.

      There were some other interesting hands where I just abused the hell out of the "scared money" players after I moved tables, picking up a lot of chips without showdown. I didn't get that many good hands at all and wasn't all-in at any point, so I definitely grinded a lot to get this stack.

      Hopefully the tournament continues like this :)
      Today I'm just gonna rest for tomorrow. Day 1 finished at 3:30 am, so I was only able to go to sleep at around 5:00 am. I didn't sleep that well, so I'm not gonna play a sunday online session as I intended to.

      Thanks for reading, guys! #VamoPreturas

    • Hey guys! I made it to day 3 of the BSOP Brasília Main Event! I'm in 5th place out of 54 players remaining (899 entrants), with around US$ 1.5k locked up so far. I have 780k chips going into the 6k/12k/2k level. Average stack is between 300k and 400k. I will be back in action in a couple of hours. I'm updating my chip stack every break on my twitter (@preTu_ras). I believe there will be a stream of the tournament today, and I have Thiago "XTheDecanoX" Nishijima (one of the best Brazilian players and a WSOP bracelet winner this year) on my starting table, so there's a very good chance we will be in the feature table. Don't have a link for the stream yet, but I'll post it here in case we indeed get to the feature table.

      Not really much to say about how day 2 went. I kept putting a lot of pressure on the fun players, specially on the money bubble and at the end of the day. Started on a very soft table and played almost the entire day with a bunch of fun players there. Then I got moved to another table, that was a little tougher, but still with a lot of fun players in it too.

      These fun players are really easy to exploit. They are not willing to risk their chips in order to build a stack. They just play fit or fold poker, which is awesome for me. I also made a couple of hands here and there and got paid off because of my aggressive image. Didn't get involved in any huge pots and just kept grinding and grinding.

      Hopefully the tournament keeps going like this! Now that we're getting deeper and deeper, I imagine most of the players will get even more scared of the money, so I'll probably just keep playing the same way and hopefully pick up some hands to build an even bigger stack.

      Wish me luck! Thanks for reading! #VamoPreturas