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    • bwin/Party Poker MTT-Schedule

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      Hi guys,

      I've made a quick overview for a usual Sunday schedule at bwin/Party, so that everyone can see,what tournaments are running with time and buy-in. Maybe this is helpful for some of you guys to decide which site is worth a shot. Party has a decent and soft playerpool and even the software has improved quite a lot lately.

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      Time (CET) Games Type Prize Pool Buy-in Comments
      07:30Hold'emNL$ 200020Sunday Major; $2,000 Gtd Turbo 1/2 Price Rebuy
      09:30Hold'emNL--20$150K Gtd Sunday – 40 Seat Frenzy
      10:00Hold'emNL--5$40K Gtd Turbo Rebuy Qualifier – 2 Seats Gtd
      10:00Hold'emNL--10$25K Gtd Major Rebuy Mega Sat Qualifier – 5 Seats Gtd
      11:00Hold'emNL$ 25005Sunday Major; $2,500 Gtd Bounty
      11:00Hold'emNL--50$100K High Roller Mega Sat – 10 Seats Gtd
      11:45Hold'emNL$ 100005Sunday Major; $10,000 Gtd Rebuy
      12:00Hold'emNL$ 25000100Sunday Major; $25,000 Gtd
      13:00Hold'emNL$ 1000050Sunday Major; $10,000 Gtd Super Bounty
      13:20Hold'emNL--50$150K Gtd Sunday – 20 Seat Frenzy
      13:30Hold'emNL$ 50002Sunday Major; $5,000 Hyper Rebuy
      13:45OmahaPL$ 300035Sunday Major; $3,000 Gtd 6Max PLO [Re-Entry]
      14:00Hold'emNL$ 150000200Sunday Major; $150K Guaranteed Sunday [Re-Entry]
      14:30Hold'emNL$ 40000100Sunday Major; $40,000 Gtd [Re-Entry]
      14:30Hold'emNL$ 1000010Sunday Major; $10,000 Gtd Turbo Rebuy
      14:45Hold'emNL$ 200010Sunday Major; $2,000 Gtd Super Bounty
      15:00Hold'emNL$ 100000530Sunday Major; $100,000 Gtd High Roller [Re-Entry]
      15:15Hold'emNL$ 2000010$20K Gtd Turbo Rebuy Mega Sat – 5 Seats Gtd
      16:00Hold'emNL$ 1000050Sunday Major; $10,000 Gtd
      17:00Hold'emNL$ 20000100Sunday Major; $20,000 Gtd Turbo
      18:30Hold'emNL$ 150020Sunday Major; $1,500 Gtd Bounty
      19:30Hold'emNL$ 25003Sunday Major; $2,500 Gtd Hyper Rebuy
      21:00Hold'emNL$ 5000100Sunday Major; $5,000 Gtd
      22:30Hold'emNL$ 100035Sunday Major; $ Gtd Turbo Bounty